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November 2016, issue # 50


More than 25 years ago we designed the unique E-Crane to solve the most demanding bulk material and scrap handling problems. We take great satisfaction that our customers have continually come back to challenge us with even greater problems to solve. Everything from turnkey scrap logistics in steel mills to floating bulk transfer terminals.

We are the "Master Class" in bulk material and scrap solutions and we encourage you to study a few selected projects and be inspired to challenge us with your own mission critical application.

Steven M. Osborne
Chief Executive Officer
E-Crane USA
 E-Crane Makes Galloo Ghent the Fastest Scrap Terminal in the World

Through the windows of his office, Managing Director/CEO Rik Debaere of Galloo Recycling Group looks out over his scrap terminal with satisfaction. 

The large, colourful mounds of scrap sit next to each other. It is an unusual view from an office, but that's not a cause for concern. Galloo is, after all, doing very well.  No less than 15,000 to 20,000 tons of scrap passes through the terminal in Ghent every day, making it the fastest in the world. At the heart of this success story lies the Belgian company, E-Crane®.
Carinox Site has the Capacity to Produce one Million Tons of Stainless Steel

For  Harsco Metals' scrap management project at  Arcelor's  stainless steel mill, three 1000 Series E-Cranes have been working simultaneously at the Ugine & ALZ Carinox site since 2005.

After the successfull installation, the E-Cranes assisting both in unloading inbound scrap and filling the scrap baskets for the mill.

A 24/7 hour operation of the scrap yard is required to satisfy the melt shop's scrap requirements. E-Crane® Worldwide has a 24/7/365 maintenance and service contract for the E-Cranes on the Carinox site.
  Case Study: Bayan Video Coal Transfer Barge

In order to assist coal delivery from smaller to larger barges CTB-2 is positioned in Mahakam River, specifically at Desa Muara Kaman,   Kota Bangun. This is on the island of Kalimantan in Indonesia. 

Deck barges, ranging in size from 180 to 230 ft, arrive at the transshipment site from the mine site and are unloaded by the E-Crane into a hopper which is in turn feeding a boom conveyor. This conveyor loads 300 ft barges which in turn are transported for processing, storage, blending and at the end of the process: export.

Operation of the E-Crane is simplified as it uses identical joystick controls as excavators, frequently used in the mining industry. During the unloading process a small skid steer loader is used to assist in clean-up of the barges. The use of a skid steer loader, as well as barge shifting winches can greatly increase the efficiency of any barge unloading operation.
 It Takes Two to Tango at Global Materials Services Venezuela

You would not expect to find a 24/7 attitude in a Latin American Country like Venezuela, but this is the working environment for two all hydraulic material handling  E-Cranes installed on a floating platform at mile 182 on the Orinoco River in Puerto Ordaz Venezuela.

The bauxilum company mines bauxite from their mines in Central Venezuela. The bauxite is loaded into barges and shipped 350 miles downstream to Puerto Ordaz, where the material is offloaded by 2 E-Cranes. The bauxilum company uses the raw material and processes it into alumina, which is the first step in aluminum making.

Sounds simple so far - doesn't it, but there is more to it: It takes 5 tons of bauxite to make 2 tons of aluminium oxide trihydrate (alumina). 2 tons of alumina is melted into 1 ton of aluminum. It takes about 157,000 KWH to make one ton of aluminum under very low current, but approx. 150,000 volts.

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  AAPA XXV Latin American Congress of Ports

Date: November, 29 - December, 2
Location: Merida, Mexico

E-Crane Booth N°:# 19
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International Workboat Show

Date: November, 30 - December, 2
Location: New Orléans, Morial Convention Center
E-Crane Booth N°:  # 1632    

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