Memorial Day Weekend Edition - May, 2022
Veterans Cannabis Group Founder Aaron Augustis at Basic Training, Fort Leonard Wood, MO in 1998, the Washington DC Vietnam Veteran Wall Memorial in 2017, and the San Rafael war memorial in 2019
Veterans Cannabis Group Founder Jonathan Chia in Mosul, Iraq, 2007, Aaron Augustis posing with a sign of gratitude to our troops in north Iraq near the Turkish border, and the 37th Engineer Battalion combat airborne division drawm inside Saddam Hussein's palace where they posted headquarters.
from Jonathan Chia:

"We honor the men of the 2nd Battalion, 23rd Infantry, 4th Brigade/2nd Infantry Division (2-23,4-21D) who lost their lives in Iraq during the 2007-2008 troop surge of Baghdad.

This week marks the 15 anniversary when we were deployed to Baghdad. The 23rd infantry batallion were deployed in support of operation Iraqi freedom as a means to slow down and stop the violence and terrorism in the heart of Baghdad and surrounding areas. We conducted hundreds of combat missions, community missions, and raids on high-value targets with the support of Green Berets (ODA) and members of the British special air service (SAS).
Over the course of a 15 month deployment we were able to killer capture over 500 Al-Qaeda terrorist along with members of other forces attached to the overthrowing of the new Iraqi government.

Below are the names of the brave man who lost her life during these kind of operations may they rest peacefully in Valhalla.
Aaron Gautier 19 - KIA 5/17/2007
Jonathan Hamm 20 - KIA 5/17/2007
Joel Dahl 21 - KIA 6/23/07
Shawn Hensel 20 - KIA 8/14/2007
David Cooper Jr 36 - Accident 9/5/2007
Donald Valentine 21 - KIA 9/18/2007
Nicholas Olsen 22 - KIA 9/18/2007
Joseph Landry 23 - KIA 9/18/2007
Luigi Marciante 25 - KIA 9/20/2007
David Watson 29 -Accident 9/22/2007
Peter Schmidt 30 - KIA 11/13/2007
Christopher Kruse 23 -KIA 11/13/2007
Kenneth Booker 25 - KIA 11/14/2007
Jason Lemke 30 - KIA 1/5/2008
Chad Groepper 21 - KIA 2/17/2008
Luke Runyan 21 - KIA 2/17/2008
Gone but never forgotten
The truth is we’ve lost almost 4x this to drug overdose or suicide. This staggering number includes both of my best friends that are not on this list above…"
We'd also like to honor Col. Dale Findley Means Ret. Army. He was the father of our newsletter editor, Aaron Means. His Memorial Service was one year ago this weekend at Ft. Jackson National Cemetery.
Like his own father before him, Col. Means graduated from West Point. He went on to serve tours in Vietnam and Korea earning multiple merits and medals. He was also in the Corps of Engineers and spent the later portion of his service heading up engineering for the American Battle Monuments Commission, working on memorials both stateside and around the world to honor our troops.
Our Innagural CannaVet Festival in Phoenix has been featured in the VFW Magazine!
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Thank you Mercy Wellness for your continued generous support of our mission! We look forward to coordinating any educational seminars and Veterans support groups at your vape lounge once up and running! Thank you Mercy Wellness staff, ownership and customers who have supported and continue to support Veterans Cannabis Group! We appreciate you!"

From the Veterans Cannabis Group team!
420 "Remember When" was Great!
Kudos to Big Jake and MedVets
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Golf Tournament to benefit VCG
Gage Amsler from Brothers Mark, a Veteran Owned and Operated Cannabis Brand, was recently featured in Skunk Magazine. He tells his story of how cannabis has helped him and continues to improve his life.
Brothers Mark is proud to have such a great warrior Veteran on their sales team showing the world that Brothers Mark cannabis products help Veterans improve their lives. Please Contact Gage if you are interested in carrying amazing Brothers Mark cannabis products in your store and help support the mission!

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