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"Spend time with your food; every minute of your meal should be happy. Not many people have the time and the opportunity to sit down and enjoy a meal like that. We are very fortunate.”― Thich Nhat Hanh, How to Eat

chances are, you're no stranger to multi-tasking. 

You scroll through Facebook when you stand in line, watch TV while you fold laundry, and help with homework while you cook dinner. While these habits are fairly benign, multi-tasking while you eat can impact your weight loss. 

Think about your last couple of meals. What were you doing besides chewing? Distractions can make it difficult to recognize when you're full.

Mindful eating, or being fully present while eating, increases your awareness so you can consume more consciously, less automatically, and with more pleasure—a good thing since appreciating how your food looks, the aroma, taste, and texture can affect the amount you eat. 

turns out, people who eat mindfully 

eat less overall* 

...And have a better sense of how much they've eaten, than people who eat while distracted. What's more, they tend to weigh less* than those who eat quickly.

to be clear ...

Mindful eating isn’t about finding the time and space to eat in absolute silence.

(That's just crazy.) It just helps you to slow down so you can recognize how much you've eaten and whether you've had enough.

Ready to eat more mindfully?

start here:

01/ set a meal space. 

Choose a place to eat that has few distractions—think kitchen table or let's start using our dining rooms again--(the most unused room in the house!)-- vs. in front of the TV. Turn this into the place where you always eat; if you only eat at the kitchen table, you'll be less likely to think "snack time!" every time you settle down on, say, your couch.

02/ take a moment.

Before you begin eating, stop to reflect on your mood, the meal, your day, give thanks, mini meditate, your choice!

Pausing for a moment can help you switch off automatic eating and tune into the experience.

03/ do away with distractions. 

Remove the earbuds, and silence the phone, clear the table, and zero in on your food. You're missing so much! If you're out with friends, do the same. Multi tasking is not eating, chatting and trying to decide on your meal. Peruse the menu, choose your favorites. Chat while waiting and enjoy the company. When the meal arrives, don't forget to notice the plate the deliciousness of the meal. (Like many of us, food doesn't run! Relax, taste, enjoy!) One thing at a time works. Put the fork down, listen, talk, eat! Savor the experience!

04/ take it all in.

How does the food look and that aroma? Anticipate that first taste. Once you begin to dig in, pay careful attention to how fast you eat, how much you eat, the flavors and textures of the foods you're eating and what you notice about them.

05/ downsize your bites.

Taking smaller bites of food at a slower pace allows you the opportunity to enjoy your meal more. Let's try taking a few pieces of popped corn instead of a handful. Really getting the full flavor.

06/ put down your fork. 

Setting your fork down between bites can help slow you down (and you'll likely eat less). Enjoy your company, engage in conversation with your family and realize how good life is! Good conversation, around a good meal and good spirits! You can have it all!

rediscover the Weight Watchers program

07/ sip water between bites. 

Taking breaks to rehydrate clears your palate and makes your meal last longer. Between courses, sip water ... almost as good as sherbet to cleanse your pallet. Plus, water is just plain good for you. Refreshing!

08/ pace yourself with the slowest eater.

While dining with a group, a lot of conversation can distract you from what and how much you’re eating. Just like everything else ...too much of a good thing. So here's the cure for that ... when dining with others, locate the slowest eater and go bite-for-bite to pace yourself. 🤔You'll be able to keep up with the chat too ... remember, we are multitaskers! One more thing you can try while being mindful ... 😉Studies find you should chew your food 32 times; steaks around 40, with mashed potatoes only 5-10..

09/ Reflect before refilling

Give yourself some time before going for that second helping. Sometimes that "I'm so full" feeling sneaks up on us before we know it! Have a cup of coffee ... and fresh air. If you're still hungry, have more. But if you just liked the taste, coffee usually finishes the meal!

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wishing you a very merry christmas,

and a happy hanukkah

from all of us at

Weight Watchers of Philadelphia

Deb W, general manager

and voice of philadelphia

Dear WW Philadelphia Member,

It’s just a few nights before Christmas and all through the house ...


We’re sending this week’s newsletter filled with good stuff to share and get you through the holiday festivities enjoying every moment while taking care of you!


This week’s topic really speaks to some of us (ME) as it is about eating too fast. I am pleased to say I have gotten MUCH better through the years. This is an especially hard habit to get past for those of us who have lost or are losing larger amounts of weight. I’ve also noticed our male Members struggle with this a little more often than female Members. The one recommendation that really works for me is trying to pace myself with someone who is eating slower.


The saddest part is how the true enjoyment of the food is missed when we (I) eat too fast. I LOVE food. I’ll bet you’re shocked by that admission but those of us who really love food savor it. We enjoy each. bite, the nuances of the flavors, the texture, the temperature, the aroma and everything else that is pleasant and delicious about the bite.


Enjoying all the holiday season and the celebration of the new year includes many wonderful bites. Instead of beating yourself up for eating too much, enjoy every bite by savoring it as if you were a prominent food critic! And like that food critic, don’t eat it if it’s not good. There’s no room here for mediocre food.


Weight loss and a healthier lifestyle is not the end of delicious foods in our lives. In fact, it’s just the beginning of true enjoyment and appreciation of food that fits our lifestyle. This is one of the reasons when a Staff Member tells me about their favorite low POINT meal, I ask them about their favorite meal that includes all their Dailies and Weeklies.

I think it’s important to remember, salad is not the answer to everything.

Lifelong healthy habits include cookies, chips, and ice cream.


All Workshops are open this week and next week except on Sunday, December 25th and Sunday, January 1st.

Here's to the best of the season,

Deb Wright

General Manager

Voice of Philadelphia


• No Workshops or Virtual Meetings on Sunday, December 25 and Sunday, January 1

• The following two travelers will be closed on Tuesday, December 27th: 

Oxford Dance and Tri-County Adult Active Community - Pottstown

• Leigh Carbon Community College will be closed Monday, December 26 and January 2nd.

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your mindset matters.

Here’s the deal: What’s in your head is as important as what’s on your plate. So power up on the positive vibes.

get your 8 hours.

Proven! People who sleep 8.5 hours lose more weight than those who skimp on sleep. Find out what works for you.

ways to try mindful eating

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fitness is for life, get motivated learn more >

become a mindful-eating master

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shuteye, an important component

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recipes to help you celebrate the holiday season🎄

mini cheese balls

shrimp in lime-butter

cheese breadsticks

filet mignon

mashed potatoes

apple-braised chicken

lamb chops

green beans & radishes

post roast with gravy

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