Volume 44 | October 12, 2023
Hoback Electronic Herald
NDP and Liberal MPs Refuse to Axe the Carbon Tax!
October 12, 2023

Dear friends,

Last week, my Conservative colleagues and I tabled a motion in Parliament that called on the Liberal/NDP Coalition Government to introduce legislation, within seven days of this motion being adopted, to repeal all carbon taxes. The result of the vote can be found here. All but one Liberal and all NDP MPs in the House voted against the motion and defeated it by a vote of 209-119.
Once again, Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau have decided to punish Canadians. By refusing to axe Trudeau’s tax on gas, heating and groceries, Singh and Trudeau are inflicting more pain on Canadians who are barely hanging on. The last thing Canadians need is for the carbon tax to quadruple.

The single Liberal MP who voted to repeal all carbon tax has finally admitted the harm that has been caused by Trudeau’s punishing policies. Here’s what Newfoundland Liberal MP Ken McDonald had to say today about Trudeau’s carbon tax: 
Only Common Sense Conservatives and this single Liberal MP want to axe Trudeau’s carbon tax and bring home lower prices for all Canadians.
Saskatchewan Rural Residents Voice The Need
for Action on Rural Crime
I had the opportunity last night to attend a rural crime meeting in Christopher Lake with my colleague Gary Vidal, MP.

The meeting not surprisingly lasted three hours, as rural crime continues to plague our region. The message from the meeting was crystal clear: residents want action - especially with the repeat offenders who continue to pillage rural residents despite their multiple convictions.

The Liberal/NDP Coalition's catch-and-release bail policies passed in it's Bill C-75, have unleashed a wave of crime across our country. It's Bill C-5, which removed mandatory minimum sentences for certain major crimes, has also ensured that violent criminals are out of jail and into Canadian communities sooner.

After eight years of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal’s catch and release crime policies, Canadians don’t feel safe walking down the street or taking transit. Stats Canada data shows that after eight years of Justin Trudeau, violent crime has increased 39%, and homicides by 43%. Gang murders have more than doubled and violent gun crime has increased for the eighth consecutive year.

Trudeau’s new Justice Minister even revealed to Canadians that nothing will change under his watch, Canadians can expect more catch and release policies with increased deadly crime rates as a result. Trudeau’s new Justice Minister needs to stop trying to distract and blame Canadians, and instead needs to take responsibility.
My Nipawin Constituency Office Has Moved!
As the result of the expiration of my Nipawin constituency office lease, I have recently relocated my constituency office.

It is now located at Unit A - 201 1st Avenue West in Nipawin (corner of 1st Street West & 1st Avenue West). Our mailing address remains the same
(Box 2969, Nipawin, SK S0E 1E0).

My staff and I plan to have the new office fully up and running at the end of this week. My Nipawin telephone number (306-862-2203) and email address randy.hoback@parl.gc.ca are active.

An official grand opening of the office will take place in the near future.
2024 Parliamentary Page Recruitment Campaign Open
Every year since 1978, the Page Program has offered 40 graduating high school and CEGEP students from across Canada the chance to work at the House of Commons for a year. In their time working with us, pages have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of Parliament by playing a role in the rich traditions of the Canadian parliamentary system.

Please click here to download the official poster, or scan the QR code in the image above with your cell phone.
NDP and LIBERALS Block Investigation into
Government Podcast Registry
Last week, the Liberal-NDP government, supported by their Bloc allies, shut down attempts brought forward by Conservatives to study the impact of the government's decision to force podcasts and streaming companies to register with the government before November 28th. The end goal of this registry is nothing more than to control what Canadians can see, say and hear online.

Conservatives brought forward two motions at Heritage Committee to get answers from the Minister of Heritage about her proposed podcast registry and begin to undo the damage the Liberals' censorship regime is creating. Despite months of Conservative warnings, concerns from Canadians across the country, and now blowback from around the world, the Liberal-NDP government and their Bloc allies voted to shut down debate on the common-sense Conservative motions.

Bill C-11 gave the government the power to control what Canadians can see, hear and post online. With the CRTC announcing that it will regulate podcasts and streaming services, Canadians want answers from the CRTC and the Liberal Heritage Minister.

Instead, the government ducked accountability again. Just as the Liberal/NDP Coalition rammed their censorship bill through Parliament, ignoring the concerns of Canadian viewers and Canadian content creators, they are now charging ahead with their plan to impose control over the podcasts that people listen to.

Canadians deserve a choice when it comes to what they see and hear online, and they deserve to make their choices free from Liberal interference.

My Conservative colleagues and I will continue to defend free expression and a free and open internet as we continue to fight back against the censorship agenda of this Liberal-NDP government.
NDP and BLOC Refuse to Investigate Nazi Officer's Recognition in Parliament
Last month, Justin Trudeau caused the single biggest diplomatic embarrassment in Canadian history by allowing a former Nazi solider to be recognized in Parliament. This is the result of a series of failures on the part of several government bodies, all of which ultimately report to the Prime Minister. 

As this failure took place in Parliament, it is only right for Parliament to investigate how it occurred. Only then can we be satisfied that this will never happen again. Due to this, Conservatives brought forward a motion to the Government Operations and Estimates Committee to immediately begin this investigation.

Conservative Committee Members thought the Bloc and the NDP would also want to get to the bottom of this scandal. After all, an NDP member of the committee said that they ‘want accountability for what happened and to make sure it never happens again.

After Conservatives brought forward a motion to investigate the Prime Minister’s serious and deeply embarrassing mistake in committee, both the Bloc and NDP decided to protect Justin Trudeau. Despite the fact this incident had embarrassed all Canadians, caused great offence to Canada’s Jewish community and the Polish diaspora and handed Putin a major propaganda victory in his illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Jagmeet Singh and his NDP need to stop covering for Justin Trudeau and his international scandals. Common-sense Conservatives will call every witness, demand all documents and ask every question necessary to find out how this international embarrassment was permitted to happen.
Am Yisrael Chai
I wanted to share with you Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre's recent speech to representatives of Canada's Jewish Community following Hamas’ sadistic terrorist violence against innocent civilians in Israel.

Israel has the right to defend itself against these attacks and respond against the attackers. Canadians pledge their solidarity with all the victims.

You can view Mr. Poilievre's speech by clicking the image above.

Am Yisreal Chai.