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Embrace Your Holiday Memories!

The holiday season is filled with incredible joy. Our jobs as parents, sisters, daughters, mothers or the like is to enjoy the beauty of the season. Simply take a moment to enjoy the small things that mean the most this time of year; the wafting aroma of holiday cookies floating through the air, the shimmering of lights as they dance against the houses, the slightly prickly texture from adorning the holiday tree with ornaments, or the look in a child's eyes as your holiday season nears.

This season take a few extra moments to embrace the beauty, hold onto the magic of the season, and truly remember the picture of the holidays unfolding. Carry that momentum into 2024 to give the glow of love and new beginnings to the new year and create a fresh vision of what you want for the year. Whether that translates to yourself, your family or your company take that picture and design your 2024.

Wishing everyone an amazing holiday season and a 2024 that is filled with joy!
Thank You to Everyone Who Attended!
On December 7th, 2023, we embarked on our first Mix and Mingle at Cava Azul Cocina & Cantina in Woodinville. It was delightful to see a few members join as we were able to mix and mingle together. We had a small gathering of distributors, suppliers, and multi-line reps that were able to network and grow together. Thank you so much to everyone for taking the time to attend. We will be working on additional events throughout the NWPMA territory.
What is Your Favorite Holiday Cookie Recipe?
One of the most prolific memories from childhood is the anticipation of the timer on the stove going off as the gentle smell of chocolate or cinnamon waft all around you. 
Whether that memory was with your Grandma, Uncle, or Mom, there is nothing quite like the time you spent to make those cookies with your beloved family members. Couple that with the joy of taking that first bite of a slightly warm cookie, where the chocolate gently seeps across your tongue for that first amazing bite.  

Let's build on those memories and create our own cookie wonderland. Do you have a favorite holiday cookie recipe that you are willing to share? We would love to see it. Comment here with your recipe and we will showcase some of the fun recipes or ideas on social media. READ MORE
Calling all Suppliers! Act Fast Booth Spaces are Filling Up for the Spring Showcase
Make sure to sign up for the 2024 Spring Showcase right away. We still have some great booth spaces left, but don't want you to miss out on our 35 Year Celebration.

March 18th - 19th, 2024
Greater Tacoma Convention Center
Have You Taken Advantage of Advertising with Us Yet?
Did you know there are several opportunities to advertise with NWPMA? Currently, we have paid advertising opportunities which include:

Newsletter Ads (600px X 300px) - $75 / issue or save $50 by purchasing 4 issues.
Banner Ads on the website - $100 / month or save $50 by purchasing 4 months.
Product Spotlight on Facebook - $50 / month
NEW Monthly Series of Art Talk Sponsorship - $25 / Month
Parking Sponsorship for Spring Showcase - $600
Lunch Sponsorship for 35 Year NWPMA Celebration - $2000
Photography Sponsorship for 35 Year NWPMA Celebration - $1500

If you would like to advertise with us or would like additional details regarding advertising opportunities or ROI, please reach out to 
President: Stacy Midkiff
Vice President: Nicole Stachowicz
Secretary/Treasurer: Thea Bruce
Director: James Matson
Director: James Fedewa
Director: Vern Boyles
Past President: Jillian Heilman
President Elect: Thomas Dalis
Director: Angela Wong
Director: Connor Rubin
Director: Brandy McDonald
Executive Director: Shay Murphy
Supplier Live is on a short break and will resume again in 2024!

Be one of the first suppliers to begin 2024 strong. Did you know that one of the many amazing benefits included with your membership includes the NWPMA Supplier Live Series? Every Friday, NWPMA hosts a 15 minute supplier Q&A that provides the opportunity to showcase new products, get product ideas in front of hundreds of distributors, and tell your story to followers along the way.
We Are Always Looking for Volunteers
Interested in a volunteer opportunity? We are always looking for volunteers to help us by volunteering on a committee or helping out at an event. Let us know how you would like to help.
Membership Renewal Reminder

NWPMA Membership Renewal Reminders just went out in October. Thank you so much for being an NWPMA member--we appreciate you! We would like to take this time to remind everyone to renew their membership and take advantage of the amazing benefits that membership includes.
In order to renew your membership, please login using your business email and password to view and complete payment for renewal.