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Natural Skin Care Treatments for
Anti Aging

Skin rejuvenation techniques such as cosmetic acupuncture or natural homeopathic injections fill in wrinkles and reduce sagging -- Without chemicals, surgery or adverse effects.
What is cosmetic acupuncture?
Tiny hair-thin needles are used on the face and body to promote collagen and elastin to fill in wrinkles and reduce sagging. Cosmetic Acupuncture produces noticeable results without surgery, hormones or toxic chemicals.
What are bio-rejuvenation injections?
All natural B12 and b-complex vitamins are injected shallowly under the skin. They are noninvasive and provide skin vitality in as few as 3 sessions. You will see a firming of skin and reduction in wrinkles.
"Your body knows when its out of balance and knows what it needs to be well. Dr Erica Nabers is the person that you want listening to your body and giving it the best care it needs..." - Jane M.
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