Go See Jeff Kiefer's New Website!

A fantastic new online networking forum is born!
It's all about bringing our Seth Community together :-)
and learning more from each other along the way.

Here's the Link

This is a tremendous opportunity for our community to expand, get to know each other, start groups, and promote Seth-friendly businesses.

Our friend Jeff Kiefer in California has worked very hard on this, put his heart into it, and created something wonderful!

Check it out, enjoy this new online resource, and explore all
the possibilities. He launched it only 4 days ago,
so share in this new beginning and watch it grow!

The Moment of Power is Now...

During this time of quarantine we are secluded, some of us are alone. But together we have an amazing community of Seth friends and family. Together we can get through anything and create even better realities. Seth reminds us...

The following is a quote from Seth drawn from his book
" The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events "
Chapter10, entitled "The Practicing Idealist The Good, the Better, and the Best". These are Seth's closing remarks
at the end of the book...

"You can become involved now in a new exploration, one in which man’s civilizations and organizations change their course, reflecting his good intents and his ideals. You can do this by seeing to it that each step you personally take is “ideally suited“ to the ends you hope to achieve. You will see to it that your methods are ideal.

If you do this, your life will automatically be provided with excitement, natural zest and creativity, and those characteristics will be reflected outward into the social, political, economic, and scientific worlds. This is a challenge more than worth the effort. It is a challenge that I hope each reader will accept. The practical idealist (pause)… when all is said and done, there is no other kind.

I bid each of you success in that endeavor." ~ Seth

Hi Folks!

This is our Monthly Newsletter from THE SETH HOUSE.
If you're seeing this for the first time,
then we have great news for you...

THE SETH HOUSE is the actual building where Jane Roberts channeled Seth . This is where most of their 45 books were written, including  "Seth Speaks" . It is Seth who coined the term
"You create your own reality."

We have established a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to restoring and preserving this legendary building. This house saw miracles folks, let's take good care of it, and let's make wonderful things happen.

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Great Ways to Learn More and
Be Part of this Community

Chat ONLINE with others about SETH

Join us each Sunday at 4pm New York time for "Seth Talk" broadcast Live from Apartment #5 where Jane & Rob lived. This will also be Live on Facebook.

It can be rough out there for many people who are home-bound now. So we want to bring people together online to share positive conversations and talk about Seth's uplifting material.

See info on our website about how to access these events.
You can watch our live SETH TALKS on Facebook while it happens if you do not want to be on the recording.

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Let's keep the conversation rolling and the information flowing. Lots of fun interactions are going on here for Seth, the House, and everything...

This is for the whole community to participate in online written exchanges.

This is for the House itself. A "Scrapbook" of history, vision and announcements.

Check it out. We are uploading Seth themed videos as fast as we can, including all of our "Seth Talks" as they are produced.
Jane Roberts' Birthday

Jane Roberts was born on May 8, 1929. We had planned to have a special event. Due to the current world situation, of course, we will have to postpone all special events and in-house group meetings. We will be sending Jane our love and well-wishes on this and every day. Stay safe and well everybody.

Support Our Work at "THE SETH HOUSE"

If you'd like to support our efforts you can find out more on our Website. Donation and Volunteer opportunities abound. As a certified 501c3 your donations will be tax deductible.

Again, we are so happy that Jeff Kiefer has created such a wonderful resource for everyone to enjoy and to promote Seth's teachings and philosophies. He's a great guy doing great work. Be sure to visit his website and join the fun at www.SethDirectory.com

Also, please join us at The Seth House by checking out our website at www.TheSethHouse.com . So much good is happening here and we invite you to be part of it.

Blessings, be well, take good care of yourself...
And keep reading Seth... Now more than ever...

Oshara & Kate
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The Seth House is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization dedicated to restoring and preserving the historic building where Seth spoke.
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