Pastor Amy welcomes over 450 participants to the Limitless Youth Summit, some who had to walk a day through the jungle to our pickup points where military trucks were waiting to transport them to the CLA venue. All in all, this year, CLA impacted thousands of lives!

PHILIPPINES - Welcome to Part Two of our Catalyst Leadership Academy (CLA) special report!

In its 15th year in the Philippines, CLA ended its 7 week program in Talaingod, a province in Davao Del Norte, empowering participants (most who were former victims of human trafficking as child soldiers) to become catalysts and leaders within their society. It was truly an incredible time filled with growth, connections and limitless possibilities.

Special thanks to the Global Impact partners who made this year’s CLA possible with their generous funding. So many lives have been impacted and the nation is truly being changed!

  • Powerful Testimonies
  • Transformative Teaching
  • Elective Sessions
  • Competitive Games
  • Worship Services
  • Encouraging Speakers
  • Team Building Activities


Our theme this year - "KALINOW" (meaning "Peace Now") - resounds the call for unity and harmony. Peace unites hearts, inspires change and illuminates a brighter future for all. Peace in our souls, thoughts and lives is an expression of God's kingdom and empowers us to forge ahead with greatness amidst a chaotic world.




Former child soldiers are CLA students

Multiple transformative teaching sessions are included in the CLA curriculum. Two topics taught by Pastor Amy called “Roots of Rejection” and “How to Handle Injustice” empowered participants to experience God’s emotional healing from trauma.


Electives allowed students to explore their interests and expand their knowledge. Sessions included Dance, Drama, First Aid (taught by the Bureau of Fire Protection) and Tactical Skills (taught by the Philippine Army,)

Watch our creative students display their talents in these moving videos:



CATALYST: a person that takes action and creates transformation


Participants heard powerful testimonies from CLA teachers including a woman who had experienced trauma and sexual abuse as a teenager which left her depressed and suicidal. Sharing her journey to wholeness, freedom and joy displayed powerfully how Jesus can emotionally heal us and liberate us.


Team Building activities promoted camaraderie and teamwork while competitive games brought joy and delight. After the activities, debriefing trained participants to evaluate their leadership and communication skills.

Worship services with Global Impact Sound of Freedom band were powerful and anointed.


These emerging leaders who graduated CLA have boundless potential to ascend in leadership inspiring us all to dream bigger, strive for higher goals and create a lasting impact for generations to come.

"'s a big help to us as the Ata Manobo Tribe to grow in emotional and spiritual aspects. Thank you all for helping us to open our hearts and know our Almighty Heavenly Father. Thank you for trusting our potential." -CLA 2023 Graduate


Amy visiting tribal houses in the villages with the military commander on dirtbikes!

Over 450 youth leaders attended in the Talaingod region. Many of them from the Ata Monobo tribe which is currently suffering a hunger crisis. We are making plans for short term interventions (immediate food supply and clean drinking water), and long term livelihood projects (growing corn and abaca). Donations are being accepted at

"After these things I saw, and behold, a great multitude, which no man could number, out of every nation and of all TRIBES and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne." -Revelation 7:9

"It was a huge honor to have the tribal chieftains join us. I was told it was very rare as they live in far-flung areas and are not often in one place. GOD LOVES THE TRIBES & SO DO I!" -Pastor Amy


Our Global Impact Staff and Team Leaders deserve applause for their dedicated hard work. Their passion and determination to implement an intense 7 week schedule is awe inspiring.

Experiences Shared, Leadership Ignited,

Growth and Empowerment

A Generation

Ready to Conquer New Horizons!

Special thanks to Lt Col Malik and the Philippine Army as well as the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) for partnering with CLA Talaingod.

Immense gratitude to our Global Impact partners who made CLA possible with their generous funding.

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