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Partnership Spotlight - Skyhawks Sports
In our Q1 Newsletter, we shared a new partnership that was formed with the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. In this newsletter, we’re happy to report on a new collaboration with Skyhawks Sports. Skyhawks is the country's leader in providing a safe, fun, and skill-based sports experience for kids between the ages of 4 and 14. Through our partnership, Skyhawks will continue to offer after school programs and sports camps and in addition to those offerings, their coaches will instruct our STEM-based curricula at their locations throughout the U.S., specifically in 25 states and they’re growing. In fact, in Entrepreneur’s 2nd annual Fastest-Growing Franchises ranking, Skyhawks Franchise Group has been named the top youth sports franchise and #117 overall of the top 150 companies who are “leveraging their ability to scale fast.” After increasing 107 places on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500® ranking and having substantial growth in 2018, it makes sense that Skyhawks would place as one of the fastest-growing franchises in the world. We’re thrilled to partner with Skyhawks Sports and know the addition of our curriculum programs will be a game changer!
Under Pressure to Always Improve
STEM Soccer Curriculum Module 5.0 has been enhanced and is now Module 5.1. Originally, this module taught kids how to tune a soccer ball to achieve optimal performance and minimize injuries using a digital app called Ball Tune . It now allows the students to learn the same important concepts by using a pressure gauge. This gives children the opportunity to be even more involved in the learning process and take their understanding of the concept to greater lengths.   
The Customer is Always... Write!
We love hearing from teachers and administrators about their experience implementing our STEM curriculum kits. Here is what some educators have said about us so far this year:

We honed in to fourth grade students and had an overwhelming response. The curriculum is so much fun! The fourth grade students absolutely love it. They are practicing STEM without even knowing it!”
*PRO TIP - This teacher used an 8th grade student to instruct and administer the STEM Basketball curriculum.
"This curriculum is a game-changer for all of our afterschool and soon-to-be summer camp participants!"
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