As an open-intake shelter, Homeward Bound often intakes the most vulnerable cases in animal rescue. On July 3, 2021 Snap, Crackle and Pop came to us with severely infected ruptured eyes, upper respiratory infections, malnourished and were in need of immediate intensive medical care. Our wellness manager took immediate action and started treatment. Snap, Crackle and Pop left the building the same day with one of our fosters who stepped up to provide round the clock care. Sadly Snap did not make it and peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge. Crackle and Pop continued to greatly improve and only Crackle would need his eye removed. Fast forward after months of care with their foster mom, our wellness and clinical team, as of December 1, 2021 Crackle and Pop are fully recovered and available for adoption.

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Pictured top: Snap, Crackle, Pop upon arrival at Homeward Bound.
Pictured middle: Crackle and Pop making progress in foster.
Pictured bottom: Crackle and Pop today in foster.