The late Erma Bombeck was quoted as saying,
"There's nothing sadder in this world
than to awake to Christmas morning and not be a child."

Erma must have enjoyed some great childhood Christmases. Not so, if you are a child who watches your working parent struggle all year for food, clothing and shelter. Christmas remains in question when it comes around. Will I get anything?

Many children would be satisfied with breakfast, or a ball,
or a book, but this is not necessary for the hundreds of children whose parent will be recipients of Christian HELP's free, Christmas shopping experience. Their children will not have to go without. Mom and dad will provide groceries, presents, and even that special "holiday meal" come Christmas day. All because you gave.

Many of you gave toys. Many of you will give your time at the Christmas Blessing event. Now, will you give your treasure?

Each year with your support, Christian HELP provides
A Christmas Blessing for hundreds of local families. Families that are underemployed, trying to make ends meet. There just isn't enough to pay rent, utilities AND provide Christmas, but you can help. With your gift, parents will receive a personal shopping appt. and be given continued access to Christian HELP services.
They have been collecting toys for A Christmas Blessing &
are integral to our program. We are so grateful. You can check out
some more of our Toy Partners on our website!
Casselberry's Patio
Bar & Grill
Aviation Institute
of Maintenance
St. Alban's
Anglican Church
A Christmas Blessing is coming up fast, and we need YOUR help!

We are looking for volunteers to serve in various positions
before and during the event.

If you have some time and are interested in spreading some Christmas cheer, please click the link below

Bless families at Christmas and get a blessing in return.
There will be refreshments and drawings for
$10 shopping vouchers every half hour, starting at 10:15am.
There will be sales by other businesses in the plaza too!