Restoring Success Newsletter                                                                December 2019
Restoring Success: He's Making a List
Why does Santa check his list twice? If we consider the practice of checking the list twice, we could speculate that there is a drive towards excellence and a desire to deliver legendary service. The list needs to be accurate and thorough; the list allows him to honor his commitments efficiently, and list is what is used to make sure that nobody is disappointed; so, he checks it twice. 

Mistakes happen! Sometimes things go wrong and it’s not even human error, it just happens. When something goes wrong and we apply  root cause problem solving  which unveils that if we had checked our work, we could have avoided the issue, perhaps, there is a simple solution. Can problems be reduced with a little checking? Yes!

As a casual observation, when work habits include self-checking and processes that account for double checking things, the result is fewer errors, mistakes, and problems. As an ability, we may call it conscientiousness. Considering that errors, mistakes, and problems can have a ripple of disastrous consequences in our restoration organizations; it is deserving of some attention. 

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This holiday season, we are thankful for the wonderful relationships that we have with our Restoration Technical Institute partners'. They provide services and products that we trust, rely on, and feel confident about recommending to others. To learn more about our trusted RTI partners ' click here.
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Let iRestore Help To Manage The Chaos
For many restoration companies, winter is the busiest season. During this time of year, we often need to increase our manpower to keep up with the demands. We must accommodate our employees' requests for time off for holiday vacations and sick days for seasonal illnesses. We also begin to prepare for tax season by gathering and preparing all of the years’ documents for tax season!

If getting organized seems like a big task for your company, you can count on  iRestore’s  proficient  Human Resource Systems   to help you get organized quickly and painlessly! By the New Year, your human resources department could be one of the most effective and efficient departments in your company.
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