In May, Austin voters passed the Public Camping Ban. The City is in a professed 90 day process to enforce that. Thank you to all who helped with that endeavor. Meanwhile, Save Austin Now has added another citizen initiated petition, SAFE Austin Now, to quickly reverse the defunding and severe understaffing of Austin Police under the failed policy direction of the current City Council.

This new Public Safety Ballot Initiative does the following:
✅ Guarantees Adequate Staffing & Funding for our Police.
✅ Creates an Elected Director of Police.
✅ Doubles the Amount of Training Austin Police Receive Yearly.
✅ Reforms Austin Police Incentive Pay.

I support this. Please read below for an update (with petition links) from the SAFE Austin Now petition campaign to support the Austin Police and how we can all further help with that.

-- Jennifer Virden

June 11, 2021

Just 30 Days Left to Restore a SAFE Austin
AUSTIN, TX — We have just 30 days left to get our law to restore Austin's public safety on the November 2021 ballot. Without sufficient public safety funding, our police won't be able to fully enforce Prop B and we will continue to see crime skyrocket.

As the city implements our hard-fought victory on the camping ban, including an August 8th deadline for clearing out camps, we are not letting up on holding them accountable for other failed policies.

After cutting of our police budget, the city council has overseen double-digit increases in rates of unsolved crimes, burglaries, carjackings, and more. What's worse, 911 response times have more than doubled and are now over 13 minutes. Sign the petition now to get public safety on the November ballot.

With just 30 days left before we need to submit the petitions to the city for validation, we need to speed up our collection efforts to get a place on the November 2021 ballot and keep the pressure on the city. If you have signed the petition, please forward this to 10 friends and family. If you do that, we will win! Please go to for complete information on the petition.

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Please print out and mail your signed petition to: 
Save Austin Now 
815-A Brazos St #455 
Austin, TX 78701  


More good news coming in the next few weeks. Stay tuned...

Thank you!

-- Jennifer Virden

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