ESL/ABE Newsletter – Issue 17 – 3/9/2021
Stay Connected, Stay Learning! | ¡Sigue Conectado, Sigue Aprendiendo!
SPRING FORWARD! Spring is a good time to check our progress and review our goals. Are we where we need or want to be? Recently, many of you took our Student Interest Survey. Your answers indicate you are checking your progress and want more information on academic and life resources. Your Adult Education Team, Chesapeake College, and your community have many opportunities and resources available.
Spring classes start April 5, 2021, and Registration is open!
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Student Interest Survey Results
The Student Interest Survey was designed to give our students the opportunity to tell us what they wanted to see in our newsletter. Many students took the survey during class. The results below list topics students want to see the most.   
Additional topics of interest were:
  • Trade classes/vocational training classes; CDL and regular driver's license classes
  • Internships with local businesses and local jobs available in the community
  • Help with your career choices
  • Citizenship questions and concerns
  • ESL class study resources
  • Beginner computer classes/ free college classes
  • Help for families in need: housing resources, food insecurity resources, mental health resources for students
  • Upcoming events and activities that the college offers

If you did not get a chance to submit your topic of interest, please use the link below to tell us what you want to see! Each newsletter will have additional information on one of your choices! 

Upcoming Events and Activities that
Chesapeake College Offers
The Creativity Slam
March 10, 2021 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Show off your creative works for a chance to be published in Chesapeake College's publication, The Beacon!

For more information, contact Mark Berry, Jr., Director of Student Engagement & Development via email at
Parents and Children: Your Child's Social and Emotional Well-Being
Tuesdays from April 13 to May 4, 2021 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

For more information, contact Danie Thomas at (410) 829-6043 (text), or or Karen Luceti at (410) 443-1163 (text), or
Community Resources
Community resources were the first choice of many respondents. Each county has state and local agencies ready to assist individuals and families with specific service needs. These services include food banks, COVID vaccination sites, mental health clinics, housing accommodations, employment opportunities, and other family life services. Use the links below to put in your county or zip code and follow for more information.
Wi-Fi and Computer Resources
Free and Low-Cost Internet Plans
You can access to find low-cost internet service and computers in your area. Just enter your zip code and get started. Internet services start as low as $15 a month, laptops for $85, and Desktops for $110 are listed. Prices are based on where you live and your present income (income criteria must be met). Computer Training (Digital Literacy) locations are available.
Chesapeake College Joins
"Moving Ahead with Adult Ed"
campaign to get adults back to
school and work!
“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling,
but in rising every time we fall”. – Nelson Mandela
Job Opportunities published by Chesapeake College
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The ESL Experience
The ABE/GED Experience
Brain Game: Counting Sheep
Bill had 170 sheep in his flock. His neighbor, Will, had 30 sheep. They both bought an equal number of sheep at the annual livestock auction. After doing so, Bill owned 3 times as many sheep as Will. How many (sheep) did they each buy? (Hint: use your knowledge of proportions, ratios, addition and algebra equations).
You can find the answers in our next issue!
TEACHER’S CORNER: Solution to last issue’s Brain Game:
  1. Hamilton, 2. Edison, 3. Monroe, 4. Grant 5. Jefferson
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Elaine Wilson
ESL and GED Program Director
Chesapeake College
For information on our programs, please contact:
Danie Thomas, ABE Intake Specialist at (410) 829-6043 or
Karen Luceti, ESL Intake Specialist at (410) 443-1163