ESL/ABE Newsletter – Issue 20 – 06/01/2021
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SHARING OUR STRENGTHS! Our strengths take on many dimensions. They can be special skills, talents, spiritual beliefs, activities that bring us joy, and family support systems, to name a few. When we share them, they become even stronger! In this newsletter, the students and staff of the Adult Education Department of Chesapeake College share their strengths!

We are also sharing useful information about the Maryland Skilled Immigrant Task Force.
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Students Share Their Strengths
Sandra Agudelo
I love to travel and explore beautiful places of nature. I enjoy running in the park. However, at this time we are happy at home preparing for our eldest son who arrives from Venezuela soon.
Cindy Araujo
My family has three members, my husband, my daughter, and me. I really love my family because they always support and help me. My home is my castle, and my family is my world. I have the best family and I love them. They are my strength.
Estela Bautista
 I like to do Crafts. I like to do Crafts because it relaxes me and de-stresses me. Making crafts is my favorite hobby. 
Holly Bebee:
I will be married for 1 year in July of 2021 to my husband Robert. We have 2 wonderful kids together. We enjoy camping, cooking out, and going to the park with our dog Bounty. We also love spending a lot of family time together and going to church. My favorite flowers are red roses and lilies. My favorite animals are dolphins, cats, and dogs. 
Dervin Delgado
My passion, ability, and talent ARE playing baseball/softball. I like to play softball with my friends on the weekends. Sometimes we play tournaments so we can enjoy the sport more. We practice Tuesdays and Fridays to get warmed up for the official games. We play against other teams in other states. I really love and enjoy playing softball!
Vianey Diaz:
Before the pandemic, my family and I would go to Minnewaska State Park in New York to the mountains and walk through the woods. We have great memories from those trips, and we can’t wait to go back again! 
Juana Hernandez:   
My hobbies/talents are embroidering fabrics and cooking. I cook and eat delicious food.  I like to have parties and cook on the grill for my friends and family. I like to take walks with my new dog.
Yancy Mejia:
My mother is one of the things God gave to me. She showed me how to do good things for people when they need it. I have taught this to my daughter and sons. The best talent I have is learning things fast, how to cook or make new recipes. I enjoy time in the kitchen and cooking good food for my boyfriend. It makes me excited to know I have the joy of learning new things. 
Karina Murillo Gonzalez: 
I like to make arrangements with chocolate because it is an activity that I do with my daughters. It is important to spend time with them. We like to give the arrangements to people we appreciate.
Nidia Reynosa Perez:
I like to sing but for God only. I like to sing with my husband at church. I love to praise God with my singing. I practice with my husband singing. I love singing.
Alba Alvarenga
Well, something I can say about myself is that I really like to keep my house clean. I organize and put everything in its place. I enjoy it a lot and feel very satisfied at the end of the day when I sit on my sofa and observe how good my house looks! 
Fredy Granillo: 
Every night I like to think about my next day and make a list of things I want to get done. I am ambitious and I do my best every day. I love when I learn something new and have the feeling of improving my life. My family is also my strength.  I love my family a lot. 
Gladys Lopez:
Something I do with my family when we are at home is play games. We like to play a game called The Lottery, Dominoes, and cards. We do it more in the winter. One talent I have is playing basketball, but it has been a while since I practiced it. In the summer we have a picnic in the parks with my family. 
Rodrigo Mendez
I like to spend time with my brothers on the weekends.  We play soccer and hang out. I also like to spend time with my nephews and nieces.
Nurgul Mentese
Spring Season has come and garden centers are open. The time to grow vegetables has begun. I planted my seeds two weeks ago. Because vegetable seedlings are very expensive in markets, I grow my own. They came out of the ground, they laughed at me with two tiny leaves. I look at them every morning when I wake up. I give them water. Growing vegetables is an art and I love it.
Jose Miranda: 
 I like to do carpentry work especially, crown molding, baseboards and trim work. When I complete a job of trim and crown molding, it looks beautiful!
Sebastian Hernandez:
I work on a chicken farm. I take care of 8 chicken houses on the farm. We have 32,400 little chickens in each chicken house. I have a lot of responsibility as the manager, but I really enjoy my job.  
Jeefry Mejia:  
I am a painter. My job is to paint the interior and exterior of houses and other things.  I am starting my own business and would like to share my business card and some of my work with you. 
Staff Share Their Strengths
Dr. Pat Daniels:
I love to cook and entertain. And it is crab season, so how about a vegetarian mock crab cake? The recipe is easy, and it is a perfect side dish to any meal.
Jo Ebling
Connecting with friends and family, traveling, fiber art projects (weaving), and writing (short story fiction). Being a part of a writing group that meets once a month helps to keep me writing whether using a prompt or developing a story. The family cooking together has brought us closer. We explore different recipes, old family favorites and finding new recipes to use what we have in the freezer.
Katie Blanchard
Memory keeping renews my spirit! My family and I spend hours looking at my scrapbooks. We love reminiscing about the people and the adventures portrayed. The family trees, baby books, and albums I have created give my children an understanding of our family's heritage and connections to lost family members.
Denise Kline
I love taking a ball of yarn and turning it into something beautiful! I knit and crochet for myself and for family; but I especially enjoy creating blankets, scarves and hats for charities including Project Linus and Knit-a-Square. Knitting or crocheting a few rows every day soothes my soul and renews my spirit. Helen Riddle said it best: “And when life became too frenzied she took up her knitting and breathed a while to the rhythm of the stitches and the rows until her smile returned, and her mind was calm.”
Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.” – Oprah Winfrey.
Job Opportunities published by Chesapeake College
A Job Resource and Hiring Fair for New Americans in Maryland
The Maryland Skilled Immigrant Task Force is hosting an online event in two parts:
  • Part 1: A Job Resource Information session — Get ready to meet the employers - Résumé, Interview and more!
  • Part 2: The Hiring Fair — Meet the employers and learn about job opportunities!
If you are interested in participating in this event, please complete the following survey:
For further information on the Maryland Skilled Immigrant Task Force, please visit:

Student of the Month: Our Star Student

Elmer Arreaga, Instructors: Christine Thalmann and Nancy Campbell
Elmer has not had the opportunity of formal education in his native country; but with enormous dedication and perseverance he has now advanced to level 5/6 in his ESL class. He is always in good spirits despite working two jobs. He continues to have good attendance. We all admire Elmer for his achievement.
Congratulations to our June Star Student! 
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