Summer Lashes and Help for Summer Frizz!
Lash Extension for Summer Vacay!
Lash extensions are great for an easy, no-makeup routine for the summer!
Your lash extensions will last at least 2 weeks before they need a fill.

You won't need mascara for the whole trip, and your lashes will remain for up to three weeks. Shower, swim and spa worry free! You'll wake up every morning ready to get out on the beach or wherever you go.

Contact us at 717-737-3553 or book online here to get scheduled with one of our talented lashers!
Does the summer humidity get you "frizzed out?"
Brazilian Blowout image
Tired of summer frizz? Looking for smooth, more manageable hair? We offer smoothing services to help you to say "bye bye" frizzy hair!

Keratin Complex smoothing treatments are not straightening treatments. Keratin Complex smoothing treatments reduce curl, target weak spots, and reinforce the hair’s structure, helping to repair damage, block humidity, and reduce frizz, while leaving hair soft, silky, shiny, and smooth. Longevity depends upon the selected treatment.

Brazilian Blowout is for anyone who has frizzy, damaged or processed hair. Treatment can be performed on every hair type (fine/course/frizzy/curly), as well as, hair that has been permed, Japanese straightened and extensions. This improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle for up to 12 weeks.

Elle Salon is currently offering these smoothing treatments:

   Keratin Personal Blowout
   Keratin Express Blowout
   Brazilian Blowout

Regular use of Keratin Complex shampoos, conditioners, and styling products will help maintain the longevity of all treatments and ensure optimal results. Results will last from 3 to 5 months depending on your choice of Keratin treatment.

Speak to your stylist about our Keratin Complex products and Brazilian Blowout. Visit our website for more information.
It's Time to Schedule Back to School Haircut Appointments
Everyone is excited to be heading off to school this September (No, really -- they are!). Need a cut or color to freshen up your look? Balyage, with the rooted look, is great for college women who don't want to worry about "color fill". Your hair will look great all the way up to the holidays!

Make sure you contact us soon to schedule your back-to-school haircut. Our appointment book is filling up fast. Don't forget, you can schedule your cut through the Online Booking button on our website, available 24/7!
Curly girls everywhere are obsessed
with the DevaCut!
Curly Girl Cuts and Styling at Elle Salon
Elle Salon is lucky enough to have 2 DevaCurl trained specialists. DevaCurl specialists are stylists that are able to cut the curls where they live naturally, and thus create a beautiful shape. Alyse is a Level 3 DevaCurl technician and Lauren is Level 1 DevaCurl certified. Check out the photos above spotlighting recent DevaCuts by our specialists Alyse and Lauren!

Not a curly girl? Be sure to share this with your curly girl girlfriends! They will love you for it! Book online for Alyse or Lauren here!
DevaCurl Shampoo, Conditioner and Defining Products for At Home Care
We have DevaCurl products at
Elle Salon that you can use at home to tame your curly mane.

DevaCurl products for medium to coarse waves, curls and coils that are in stock include:

  • No-Poo Original Shampoo
  • One Condition Original Conditioner
  • Light Defining
  • Super Mousse
Always Keeping Up... Website Updates & Social Media
Many of Elle Salon's website images are being updated. Our Products Page has had a big update! This page shares the updates of hair and skin products that our staff love to use on clients or that are recommended home care products. Take notice of the beautiful rotations of background images of the Salon on our Hair Care Page and our Home Page.

Be sure to follow your stylist on your favorite social media channel to see their latest posts! See their hashtags listed at the bottom of our email.
New Products!
New and Coming This Month!

Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in Spray & In Salon Treatment
Kevin.Murphy has launched EVERLASTING.COLOUR with a range of color preserving products formulated to restore and strengthen chemically-treated hair and extend the vibrancy and shine of hair color over time, especially reds and browns.

Using bond-building and protein multiplying technology, KM.BOND, is designed to form a shield of protection that guards against breakage by building strength from within, ultimately protecting the hair from damage.

This range of color protecting products also assists in halting mineral build-up from hard water, as well as, protects against color fade created by environmental aggressors such as oxidants, free radicals and UVA/UVB exposure. We have the shampoo, conditioner and spray leave-in conditioner available for purchase at the Salon. We will also be offering Kevin.Murphy EVERLASTING.COLOUR in-salon conditioning treatment.

Watch the video below to learn about all of the products!
You deserve a Spa Mani/Pedi
We want to give you choices at Elle Salon! Choose from two great Summer Mani/Pedis: FHF Walking on Sunshine and FHF Chasing the Gleam.

So grab a friend and schedule some pamper time for August or September (when the kids are back in school!)
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