Volume 82, No. 4, November 2020

November 2020
 5—Thursday with the League
11—Board Meeting
13—Natural Resources*
20—December Voter articles due

*Committee meetings. These and other meetings will be virtual via conferencing software during the COVID-19 outbreak. See “The Grapevine” in this issue for details, and check with your committee chairs on how meetings will be held.

December 2020
 3—Thursday with the League
 9—Board Meeting
12—Virtual “Winter Wonderland Celebration”
Thursday with the League
November 5, 2020

Understanding the Housing Crisis
Join us for another interesting and informative Thursday with the League! This will be presented by the Social Justice Housing Subcommittee and feature a panel of experts giving varying viewpoints on this timely topic.
President’s Message
As we look forward to the end of a long and exhausting pandemic election year, we need to take time to acknowledge our GOTV achievements and vote—now if you have not already done so. But we also need to reconnect with family and friends (in the safest way possible), celebrate the season, and support one another.
The Election Is Under Way

Have you voted yet? More than half a million Californians cast their ballots two weeks after the ballots were mailed, and by now more have voted. Those who signed up for the ballot-tracking system BallotTrax have received text and email messages informing them that their ballots were received by the Registrar: “Your ballot for the 2020 General Election was received and will be counted.” Reassuring words to hear! But plenty of you are still thinking and deciding. You still have time before November 3, but don’t delay—now is the time to decide. Cast that ballot and make your voice heard!
Candidate Forums Report

LWV-PA held eight candidate forums for Pasadena-area elections—for mayoral, city council, and school board races. While the national focus on the presidential and senatorial races has devoured the air waves, our forums zeroed in on local contests, which are vigorous and often passionate.
Voting in Person? Plan!

If you will be voting in person, review these tips and make a plan. We have it down to a COVID-safe science!
AB 2542 Passed!

In a tumultuous ending to the 2020 legislative session, LWVC co-sponsored AB 2542, the California Racial Justice Act. The bill made it over the finish line—one of the few that did in a session full of police reform bills expected to pass in the wake of George Floyd’s death. The new law will prohibit racial discrimination in convictions and sentencing.

Watch for details at www.lwv-pa.org.

November 3

November 5, 2020
Thursday with the League
10:00 a.m. via Zoom
Understanding the Housing Crisis

December 12, 2020
Winter Wonderland Celebration
Details to be announced.
Pros & Cons—Final Report

Our League mounted twenty-four presentations via Zoom and closed-circuit television. If you missed them, all but two were recorded and can be viewed through the LWV-PA website. We did the work to help you move through the weeds and get to the core: context, what the measure would do, fiscal impact, who’s for and against, and where the money’s coming from. We don’t decide for you—but we make it easier for you to see the issues clearly. Take advantage of our work!
Housing Needs Your Help!

The Social Justice Committee's Housing Subcommittee has been hard at work for three years. We need new bodies!

If you are interested in looking for solutions to California's housing crisis, please join us! Contact Anita Mackey at anita@pixelriot.com or (203) 685-2315
November Units

Unit meetings take place in smaller virtual settings to empower, encourage, inform, and uplift. Come join the Units each month except for June, July, August, and December. Contact Unit Chairs for meeting details.

Board Meeting Summary
October 2020

The LWV-PA Board met virtually via video conference on October 14. Get an overview of this month’s key League business, activities, and decisions!

Book Corner: Our Malady

Yale historian Timothy Snyder, author of numerous books on political history and thought including On Tyranny, tells his own story of encounters with European and U.S. health care systems as he faced a life-threatening condition. Justifiably angry and outspoken, Snyder offers a clear-eyed analysis of the U.S. response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of a broken health care system.

News from your League committees. You are always welcome to join or just virtually sit in. Committees are now connecting via Zoom and other online video conferencing services; check with your committee chair for meeting status and to learn more about this easy way to join with others virtually. Committee membership is both rewarding and fun, and it does the good work for which the League is known.

Tell Voters about the LWV-PA Hotline!

As election day approaches, voters have questions:

  • Am I registered?
  • When and where can I vote?
  • Will my vote count?

The League of Women Voters Pasadena Area is operating a Voter Hotline every day from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. and on Election Day from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Knowledgeable and friendly volunteers are ready to help voters prepare to vote!

Please urge your family, friends, coworkers, and other contacts to vote. And if they have questions or concerns, we hope you will share the Voter Hotline number with them.
Know Your Town

Would you like to help the League develop a comprehensive handbook of local elected and appointed officials? Who represents you in local government, school districts, municipal departments? Get to know your town while helping the League identify resources and responsible parties.
COVID Is Gearing Up

To all of you who have so diligently been social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, and keeping up the pandemic fight, you are to be saluted. Beware, as we enter the holiday season, the virus is not done with us.

It is tempting to talk ourselves into the belief that we are doing all we can to follow the guidelines for avoiding this devastating virus. But even with the virus gearing up and cases rising precipitously, there are many of us who are experiencing "distancing fatigue" and will be tempted to rationalize "small" family get-togethers. Think clearly and stay vigilant. Consider those you could transmit the virus to, even if you feel fine. Don't contribute to Herd Infection and rising death tolls when you have worked so hard this far.

Take care, be safe, and celebrate the holidays wisely. And don't forget to celebrate your contribution to the health of your family and friends. This shall pass, but we need to stay the course. Remember: We are all in this together!
Winter Wonderland Celebration

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