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BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: On 28 September 2021, security officers from Sudan’s General Intelligence Service conducting separate CTOs were killed in a shootout with suspected IS members. The IS militants were spread throughout three different safehouses throughout the Jabra neighborhood. Reportedly the militants were expert snipers and the deaths of the officers came from sudden shots fired from the rooftops of the safe house. Eleven of the militants were captured while four others fled and evaded security forces who remained on the hunt for them. As of today, only one of the militants remains on the loose. In the days following this clash, on 30 September 2021, a previously unknown group "Mujahideen from the Movement for Preaching and Combat" claimed credit on Facebook for killing the five Intelligence Officers in the raid. In the claim, the group also claimed credit for the failed assassination attempt on Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdo in Khartoum, Sudan last 09 March 2020. It should also be noted that the name of the group is very similar to the Algerian group, Salafist Group for Preaching and Fighting (GSPC) that later evolved into al Qaeda in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). While there has been no officially announced IS presence in Sudan either from the Sudanese Government or from IS official channels, Sudan is known to have smaller groups which have transnational links. If this cell is Islamic State, it is not an insignificant one in terms of numbers and potential operational capabilities.
Image Above: Photo of Boko Haram's new Emir, Bakura Buduma led the attack on ISWA in island of Kirta Wulgo, Lake Chad.
Image Above: Snapshot of the top three regions with the highest number of attacks for September.
Image Above: ISGS leader Adnan Abou Walid Sahraoui, who was killed on 16 September 2021
TRAC Insight: Overview of Islamic State Global Operations for September 2021 (Threats Of Interest, West Africa, Sahel, Afghanistan)
Islamic State has officially claimed 139 attacks in September through their official channels. This is 36 more claims than last month and while Iraq continues to have the most attacks, the pace of attacks in Afghanistan lead the way for the most increased by 19 attacks, with bombing and assassination operations being primarily focused in the city of Jalalabad, Nangarhar Province. Although some operations took place in Kabul, Nangarhar is the seat of power for ISK and it stands to reason they would have more operational capacity in that region. Attacks in West Africa doubled this month and if reports are to be believed, the new Emir of Boko Haram, Bakura Buduma was at the head of a two-pronged attack that targeted the ISWAP held island of Kirta Wulgo. Dishonorable mentions are the increased attacks in the Philippines, and the lone attack in Libya, and Syria for the strike at the Deir Ali Power Station in Damascus. It is worth noting, that while unclaimed by Islamic State, Sudan dismantled an Islamic State sleeper cell in late September 2021, but did so at a great cost to Sudanese intelligence forces. By all accounts, the IS sleeper cell had rooftop snipers awaiting the security forces to pick them off one by one as the team approached. 
French Anarchist 28 September Arson Attack on Town Hall and Attempted Arson on Municipal Police Building in Koungou, Grande-Terre, Mayotte, 500km Off The Coast of Cabo Delgado, Mozambique
On 28 September 2021, anonymous anarchists committed an arson attack on the town hall of Koungou, which is the second most populous municipality in Mayotte. This attack, which is highly unprecedented for this region, occurred after demonstrations against the recent destruction of about 350 homes that took place in Koungou. The arson attack was started with three cars parked in the town hall parking lot and spread to the main building. Just before the attack on the town hall, the municipal police building was also the subject of an attempted arson attack, although the damage was limited. The planned destruction of the slum huts in Koungou, Grande-Terre, Mayotte would allow the construction of 500 new social housing units. Since the start of 2021, approximately 200 homes have been subject to destruction in Koungou and another 955 homes in Mayotte. Many locals that oppose the new construction project arguing the relocation is a guise to steal land used for the very poor. 
Images (Above):  Photos from the fire and its aftermath
Image (Above): Photographs of homemade Luty firearms
(Right-Wing Extremism) Telegram Channels Circulate Philip A. Luty's Instructional Manual on Homemade Sub-Machine "Ghost Guns" To Evade Laws in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Romania, Sweden, Ecuador, and the United Kingdom 
White nationalists, eco-fascists, neo-Nazi and racists on Telegram are obsessed with firearm creation to evade detection from security forces. Even in places with looser gun laws, the extreme far right advocate for making your own homemade weapons so that your firearm isn't registered on a national list. Philip A. Luty, who died in April 2011, was an English anti-gun control activist notable for the production of homemade firearms and manuals providing instruction for the same. Luty was convicted of illegal arms construction in the late 1990s and in 2009, was tried for violating the Terrorism Act 2000. Usually, the 'ghost gun' creation manuals disseminated among the right-wing extremists are complicated instructions involving the use of 3D printers, however, Luty's manual can be used by anyone who knows how to operate machinery. It should be noted that after the initial posting of the instructional manual, it quickly circulated throughout many Telegram channels.
On Our Radar:
(Right Wing Extremism / Poster) RWBC Telegram Channel: Saint Calendar for October 2021
(Photo): Banner with Irish Republican Army (IRA) Slogan 'Remember We Only Have To Be Lucky Once' Seen Near Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, Northwest England, United Kingdom
TRAC Insight: The Proud Boys Launch a New Website, 'Proud Boy TV,' and a Podcast Series
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