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BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: On the 26th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, we can't help but note the rise of a multitude of Violent Extremist Organizations across the country. TRAC Research Associate Samantha Roberts this past week took a dive into white extremist channels on Telegram chatter regarding, "The White Boy Summer." (A phrase that may have been coined by the actor Chet Hanks who in March used the term in a controversial Instagram post.) As Samantha reveals, a video published on the unBanned Video Archive IV Telegram channel promotes the greatly anticipated "White Boy Summer". The video begins with a clip of an interview with Benjamin Smith, a spree shooter who targeted racial and ethnic minorities over the July 4th weekend of 1999. Smith was a member of the World Church of the Creator, a white nationalist, anti-religion organization. In the clip, Smith states, "we [the white race] have no choice but to result to acts of violence and really to plunge this country into a terrorist war they've never seen before". The video continues on to show various acts of terrorism like the Charlottesville car attack and the Nashville bombing in between clips of lone wolf attackers and armed white men dancing. The concept behind "White Boy Summer" is the same as 'accelerationism' first introduced by Brenton Tarrant's manifesto before his armed assault on mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Benjamin Smith's quote at the beginning of the video perfectly summarizes the aspirations of "White Boy Summer" for 2021. Coinciding with the "White Lives Matter" movement, this movement is based on the ideologies of extreme far-right white groups, and promotes a summer of white supremacy. The purpose of this movement is to incite acts of terrorism through propaganda and the demonization of minority groups, a form of stochastic terrorism. Samantha's full report including the video is available on TRAC.
Image (Above): An exclusive source told Naba that on 8 April 2021 caliphate soldiers set apostate Hindu's agricultural crops on fire in Nangal Brahman, "Yobe", India. 
TRAC Incident Report: Janood-ul-Khalifa-e-Hind / Army of Caliph of India (Islamic State India) Set Hindu's Agricultural Crops on Fire in Nangal Brahman, Palwal District, Haryana State, India - (Arson on Crops Claimed in Al Naba #282)
In 2019 in al Naba issue #183, Islamic State promised a 'Hot Summer' to Iraqi farmers who didn't bow to the Islamic State. Crop burning ensued and continued through 2020. The claim in Naba #282 represents the first for Islamic State in a crop burn outside Iraq. Islamic State used arson attacks in Iraq to intimidate farmers to paying Zakat (tax) while in India these attacks are a punishment for merely being Hindu. Given the rarity of Islamic State claims in India as of late, it is unclear if Islamic State would be able to launch a campaign against farmers in India on the same scale as farmers in Iraq. The last IS claimed attack in India was on 5 February 2020 when mujahideen clashed with Indian forces on the Srinagar-Baramulla Highway in Kashmir. However, it was not for Janood-ul-Khalifa-e-Hind / Army of Caliph of India it was claimed by the Islamic State's Jammu & Kashmir franchise. Farmers are already suffering from agricultural laws in India, having protested their conditions and clashed with security forces in January 2021.  
TRAC INCIDENT REPORT: Taliban / Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) Bomb Targets Afghan Military Vehicle, Killing Five Soldiers, in PD 8, Jalalabad, Nangarhar, Afghanistan
On 19 April, the Taliban planted a bomb in PD 8 of Jalalabad in a targeted assassination of Afghan soldiers. Five soldiers were killed, including an officer, The urban bombing violates the Taliban / Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) peace agreement with the United States not to target large cities before the planned withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan. IEA has now warned twice that there will be consequences if the peace accord is delayed. On both 11 April and 31 March, the IEA issued statements that it would resume operations if the United States did not honor the Trump administration negotiations of US withdrawal by 01 May. The Biden administration announced that the drawdown would be delayed and will occur on 11 September 2021. It is worth noting that the Taliban have not claimed an attack in Jalalabad in a number of years and that Islamic State Khurasan (ISK) planted a bomb in the same police district (PD 8) also targeting security forces the day prior.
Images (Above): Screenshot of explosion; (Below) IEA celebration poster
Images: (Above) Map of location; (Below) video of mercenary convoy
TRAC INCIDENT REPORT: Chadian Mercenaries Move Further South, Closer to The Capital N'Djamena; Clashes with Military at Nokou Town, Sub-Prefecture of Kanem Region, Chad - 19 April 2021
On 16 April, Chadian mercenaries fighting with the LNA against Haftar forces in Libya, stormed into Tibesti province. The following day, the military launched a counterstrike on the mercenaries. According to the Chadian army, 250 militants were killed during the clashes; another 146 were taken prisoner, including a militia commander named "Hasuna". Whatever the true numbers taken hostage or killed, on 19 April the mercenaries moved 393km closer to the capital N'Djamena. Clashes have been reported in Nokou, Sub-Prefecture of Kanem Region of Chad. A number of different names with similar concepts have been given to these Chadian mercenaries who had been fighting with the LNA in Libya before the Presidential elections. In a surprising turn of events, President Déby succumbed to injuries on 20 April after fighting against the mercenaries in Kanem last weekend. The fate of power transfer remains unknown.
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