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BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: ....As reported last week, we had been awaiting the Eco-Fascist Terrorgram Collective eBook "Militant Accelerationism" to be released. It finally was and what a read it is for everyone. Part manifesto, part instructional guide, the enormous 136 page document is filled with high end graphics. The eBook is attempting to engage its target audience visually as well as mentally. The manual is filled with fictional, fantastical accounts of lone actors and small cells committing acts of terror, how-to tips on tactics, suggested targets, summaries of other famous manifestos such as Dylann Roof, Anders Behring Breivik, and Brenton Tarrant. The lengthy screed is influenced by a 14-word slogan “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children” by American Nazi David Lane (The Order). Besides the strong message of anti-semitism, the book is also filled with misogynistic sentiment. The book also has an underlying tone of resentment of older people (Baby Boomers) who are blamed, along with Jews, for the mixed race world has become. One new concept mentioned in the book is 'genocide pilled'. The concept being that "If we cannot win the race war by raising our demographics, and we cannot, then it stands to reason that we can only win the race war by eliminating the demographics of the invader races the Jews have sent here to replace us" According to the book, red pilled is the first level of acceptance; black pill is the second level of acceptance; and genocide pill is where you will end up.
Screenshots above: Humberto Velázquez Delgado, 'El Guacho'
TRAC Incident Report: Commander of Ministerial Police of the Atty General Office (FGE) Linked to the 2014 Ayotzinapa Kidnapping, Humberto Velazquez Delgado 'El Guacho' Killed in City of Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico
On 17 June, official reports from the state Public Security Secretariat (SSP) indicated that at 1:20 p.m. the murder of a person was reported inside the commercial establishment called El Sargento, a place dedicated to the sale of articles and police uniforms. The deceased person found was identified as the commander of the Ministerial Police of the Attorney General's Office of the state of Guerrero (FGE), Humberto Velázquez Delgado, 'El Guacho'; he was found with four .9-millimeter bullet wounds, one of them in the head. 'El Guacho was considered a key player in the Ayotzinapa case, as he could clarify the relationship between the Narco and Authorities in the case of the 43 from Ayotzinapa.On 26 September 2014, in Iguala, Guerrero, state police opened fire on three buses transporting students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers' College on their way to a protest, killing three students and three additional bystanders. According to official reports, the students annually commandeered several buses to travel to Mexico City to commemorate the anniversary of the 1968 Tlatelolco massacre and the police purportedly attempted to intercept several of the buses by using roadblocks and firing weapons. Forty-three students in total were detained and subsequently disappeared at the hands of the municipal police. They were allegedly taken into custody by local police officers from Cocula and Iguala, in collusion with organized crime. 
In the days and months following, bodies and bags of human remains were being discovered. 
TRAC Incident Report: Jama'a Nusrat al-Islam wa ul-Muslimin's (JNIM) Suicide Car Bomb (VBIED) Ambushes a French Army Convoy in Kaigourou, Gossi, Timbuktu, Mali
On 21 June, Jama'a Nusrat al-Islam wa ul-Muslimin's (JNIM) suicide car bomb ambushed a French army convoy in Kaigourou, Gossi, Timbuktu, Mali. Beginning with a car bomb, the assailants quickly started shooting French military. The attack led to the serious injury of 6 French army soldiers. The last JNIM suicide attack was on 10 February when a suicide bomber ambushed a MINUSMA convoy in Kerena village, Mopti. JNIM is clearly trying to reassert its presence after Macron's announcement that Operation Burkhane will be disbanded and France is rethinking its strategy in Sahel. As the French population has already expressed its loss of appetite for a war against jihadists that has been unsuccessful for the last 5 years.The last attack on French forces was on 15 June when Islamic State Greater Sahara (ISGS) ambushed Nigerien and French forces in In-Tamat, southwest Menaka. On the same day as the ambush, JNIM’s umbrella organization, AQIM released a statement not only denouncing French presence in the Sahel but also praising the mujahideen’s successful attacks against French forces as the real reason behind Macron’s decision to reorganize Operation Burkhane. Additionally, on the same day a selfie video circulated of JNIM recruitment meetings in Mopti. JNIM intelligence gathered in many of the recent operations is of very high quality, indicating greater cooperation from local populations than what is assumed. 
Images (Above): (Source: Telegram): A photo of the explosion from the scene.
Images: (Above) Book cover and table of contents.
(Instructional PDF) Islamic State Supporters Circulate "The Making of a Bomb: Learn to Make Detonator, Timer and the Explosives" 
The manual "The Making of a Bomb: Learn to Make Detonator, Timer and the Explosives" title page claims it was prepared by Ghazwat-e-Hind.  Ghazwat-ul-Hind is a name used by both AQ and IS affiliates in Jammu & Kashmir. Islamic State in Kashmir referred to themselves as Ghazwat-ul-Hind before they became Islamic State Jammu & Kashmir - (Islamic State / ISJK) c.2018. 
Interestingly the map included on the second page indicates that the manual is intended to be distributed to a wider audience. Perhaps that is why the manual was written entirely in English given all the various dialects spoken across the Indian subcontinent. Most notably, the map of the subcontinental network also includes Islamic State in the Maldives (ISM). Recent reports indicate there is a resurgence of drug cartels using the Islamic State network's (notably Islamic State Khurasan/ ISK) to take advantage smuggling narcotics in the Indian Ocean to the Maldives due the lack of boat traffic during the Coronavirus pandemic. The 22 page manual runs through dozens of different ignitors, accelerants and detonation methods in easy step by step instructions. The manual appears to be a compilation, some of the images are clear copy/paste from other manuals into this one; while other pages seem to have been written by ISJK. Small errors in English grammar as well as references to "use either cooking oil or ghee" indicate a local bomb maker has written at least some sections of the manual.
It should be noted that the last two pages are intended to be inspirational with the message "Yes you can, you just need to take the first step". Ironically neither page shows images of completed bombs but rather encourages knife and pistol attacks.
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