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BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: TRAC this week added analysis of an extremist group to our extensive profiles list. InJekt Division has been removed by Telegram. It is an accelerationist ideology often using the phrase 'pray for rain' as a reference to the ultimate goal, a nuclear fallout. Its ideology combines neo-Nazi ideals with jihadism; both with fundamentalist views of Christianity and Islam. Like many other extreme far right groups on Telegram, they also describe themselves as an 'army of hate'. The InJekt Division claims to be transnational. Not merely having members in the United Sates but also Spain, Germany and the Isle of Man (part of the British Crown). There were at least 329 members of the InJekt Telegram channel at the time of deletion. The InJekt Division (ID) was at least in part founded by Coleman Thomas Blevins. On 31 May Blevins was arrested for threatening a mass shooting at a Walmart in Kerrville, Texas to an FBI informant on Snapchat social media platform. Besides firearms and ammunition found in Blevins' residence there were also the infamous books The Siege and The Turner Diaries as well as Confederate, Black Sun, and Saudi Arabian flags.  The plot is reminiscent of Patrick Crusius mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas in August 2019. As with our other profiles of extremist groups, more analysis on the InJekt group can be accessed on TRAC.
Screenshots above: Image (above): Kentay Thomas.
TRAC Incident Report: Othal Wallace Supporter, New Black Panther Party, & NFAC Member, Kentay Thomas, Traveled From Arizona With Weapons & Body Armor to Daytona Beach to "Cause Hell"
TRAC reported on Othal Wallace last. In further developments, concern grew this week among law enforcement over Wallace becoming a celebrated martyr for the Pan-African / Black militia cause in the United States has been rising after webpage was set up by New Black Panther Party for the support of Wallace as "a prisoner of war on Black people" under the URL Like Wallace, the NFAC has denied that Kentay Thomas is a NFAC member; the New Black Panther Party has not publicly stated their connection to Thomas. Prosecution has stated that Thomas is a member of both organizations. On 27 June 2021, an anonymous tip was made to the Daytona Beach Police Department caused investigators to look into Thomas' Instagram account "The_Mighty_Sprite”, where he promised to “cause hell” and was “ready for all the smoke”in Daytona Beach. The Instagram account was also filled with images of Thomas posing with arms and a tactical vest in attempts to conceal weapons. the Instagram also contained #handsoffozone; the hashtag used to indicate support for Wallace. After surveillance of Thomas showed him in public with a concealed sidearm in hidden in his waistband, police arrested Thomas on 07 July 2021 at a Winghouse restaurant on West International Speedway Boulevard in Daytona Beach. Authorities in Arizona stated that Thomas' concealed weapons license had been suspended in September 2019.
TRAC Insight: Taliban/IEA Control Key Border Crossings In Multiple Provinces, Afghanistan
The Taliban / Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA)'s endeavor to rule Afghanistan to be successful, good relations with neighboring countries and allowing for the free flow of goods and services at said borders is essential. Specific instructions from the leadership indicate that the Taliban forces have been instructed to seize key border crossings and assume customs collection and provide security for civilians to pass freely as before. The Afghan government collects about 280 million dollars annually from the Islam Qara and Torghundi crossings lost to the Taliban, (Iran and Turkmenistan), and, given the need to flee for safety, it is unclear whether the security forces can retake them. For their part, the Taliban face a delicate balance of operating the border posts under their control without impacting the relations with their neighbors and other stakeholders. Russia has intimated that they are ready to abide by their security pact with their former Central Asian clients and send advisors and even troops to aide Tajikistan in securing their Afghan border after 1,000 Afghan soldiers fled across the line following the Taliban's seizure of the Shir Khan Bandar crossing on 22 June. Iranian troop deployments have been observed on the eastern border near the Islam-Qala crossing in Herat province. TRAC's analysis includes a review of the four border areas: Tajik border; Turkmenistan border; Iranian border; and the border with Pakistan.
Screenshots from Video (Above): Afghan civilian vehicle crossing past Taliban guards into Tajikistan in early July (via Twitter) (Below): Triumphant Taliban militants at Islam-Qara (via Twitter)
Photos (above): Dabna debris; (below) Claim.
TRAC Incident Report: Islamic State West Africa (ISWA) Kills Over 20 Civilians During Raid on Debna, Hong LGA, Adamawa, Nigeria
On July 7, ISWA militants raided the village of Dabna in the Hong LGA in northern Adamawa state, which is located south of Maiduguri and Borno state (the ISWA 'heartland). At least 24 civilians were confirmed killed, the reason for the raid being that the town is largely Christian. A number of shops and homes were burnt during the attack, and the militants are still reportedly in the area. Per local reportage, a cadre of soldiers and local police have been mobilized to eliminate the militants responsible. Given the death toll and confirmed arsons, Islamic State media will probably release photos documenting the attack. Locals believe the attack targeted a famous local militant who protected the community against outside forces. The last official Shaykh Abu Hamza al-Qurashi (spokesman) of Islamic State Central Command mentioned the praise of killing infidels specifically in Nigeria. Yesterday, an attack on Christians and a local defense militia in Dabna resulted in 30 casualties and a number of homes burnt, Hong LGA.
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