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BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: TRAC analysts today are looking out for the planned release of the Eco-Fascist Terrorgram Telegram Network "Militant Accelerationism" Instructional Handbook. The book came to TRAC's attention when sample pages started circulating during our routine monitoring of Telegram. By 10 June 2021, within 12 hours of the sample pages release, at least 23 different channels in the Terrorgram network, each with thousands of subscribers, were circulating the sample pages. A promotional montage video was also created to generate enthusiasm for the tome's release. We found the sample pages to be agitating, focusing on class warfare, anti-semitism, anti-capitalism, and OpSec. One page released, titled "High Scores and Headlines", tells a first hand account of 'hiding within the enemy' to gain their trust. Using an alias the story tells of renting an Airbnb in order to conduct sniper attacks on a protest in an urban environment. This coincides with an instructional guide "Fry the Brain" that is in current circulation on Telegram. The Terrorgram group of Telegram channels consistently engage in stochastic terrorism. The term stochastic terrorism is defined as "using language and other forms of communication to incite random acts of violence that are "statistically predictable but individually unpredictable." The Terrorgram network first migrated from 8chan to Telegram in August 2019 and since that time has grown exponentially. Once the book is released, we will provide a full analysis on TRAC. Stay tuned....
Screenshots above: poster celebrating Veltman; Sample comments on Telegram extreme far right channel.
TRAC INCIDENT REPORT: Nathaniel Veltman Intentional Vehicle Attack on Muslim Family on Hyde Park and South Carriage Roads in London, Ontario, Canada
Speaking of Terrogram, the network named Canadian Nathaniel Veltman as its newest "Saint." The exalted title came following Veltman killed four of five Muslim family members on a road in Ontario on 06 June. The family of Pakistani origin was walking between Hyde Park and South Carriage roads in London when the group was rammed by Veltman in a black pickup truck. The family's father, mother, teenage daughter, and grandmother were killed at the scene. A 9 year-old daughter was the only survivor. Canadian authorities are investigating as an act of terrorism, alleging that Veltman targeted the family due to their Muslim faith. In looking at Veltman, TRAC analysts found that he has a prior criminal record. We also note that he was wearing body armor during his arrest. As for the Terrorgram network, the far-right audience lost no time in praising the attack. We assess the general sentiment on the Telegram channel as a justifiable, preemptive attack. Many comments centered on Veltman needing to kill before he was killed.The vest was likely meant for protection in case of a police confrontation. The incident marks the latest in a long line of young males lone wolves in North America over 2020/2021.
TRAC INCIDENT REPORT: An al-Shabaab Suicide Bomber Attacked General Dhagabadan Training Camp, Killing at Least 10 New Recruits and Injuring Scores, in Mogadishu, Somalia
On 15 June, an al-Shabaab suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance of General Dhagabadan training camp in Mogadishu, Somalia. Highly unusual considering the military base is considered one of most heavily guarded places in the capital; with more than ten checkpoints before reaching the gate where the attack occurred. Additionally, Somali soldiers are not allowed to enter the base armed. Somali soldiers are searched before each training for weapon's infiltration. The attacker was waiting among new conscripts who were queuing outside the camp when he detonated his suicide belt. According to Somali forces, the attack led to the death of 15 conscripts and the injury of 20 others. However, al-Shabaab claims that the attack killed 40 elements of the Somali special forces and injured 50 others. Al-Shabaab uses suicide bombers to attack new police recruits and military recruits in order to dissuade civilians from joining security forces. Even if al-Shabaab's numbers are inaccurate, the media is reporting that the latest numbers are 10 killed and 20 injured at the recruitment drive. The suicide bombing will most certainly negatively impact the military's ability to bring in new, young & qualified recruits. Furthermore, the Somali army will have to further scrutinize the potential new recruits much more intensely to prevent insider attacks.The last al-Shabaab attack in Mogadishu was on 9 May when an al-Shabaab bomber attacked Waberi police station in Maka Almukarama road, killing 12 police elements and injuring 15 others.
Images (Above): Smoke plume from attack (Bottom) two screenshots of video from scene
Images: (Above) Aftermath of IED blasts
TRAC INCIDENT REPORT: International Resistance Faction Targeted United States' Logistics Convoy by an IED Inside Baghdad Airport, Iraq
On 14 June at 23:00 local time, the international resistance faction targeted a United States logistics' convoy by an IED inside Baghdad airport, Iraq. The attack took place on the road connecting Victory and Martyr Alaa airbases inside the airport. The targeted convoy consisted of 4 vehicles: 2 white landcruiser & 2 military vehicles. The attack allegedly killed 4 American soldiers. On the same day, the Victory airbase, which hosts US military, was targeted by a suicide drone that targeted the hangar. Suicide drones are used almost exclusively by Shia militias in Iraq. Additionally, a day before, five United States logistics convoys were simultaneously targeted across 5 different governorates in Iraq. This shows that the resistance factions have decided to intensify their attacks in light of the recent United States' reward. This is the first time that any Iraqi Shia group was able to infiltrate a coalition's airbase and carry out an attack from inside. To get a bomb past the multiple security checks and into the base, suggests that the International Resistance Faction has active affiliates inside the base. As a result of the frequent attacks on United State's convoys and bases, the United States Department of State's Rewards for Justice have recently offered $3 million reward for information on attacks on US interests in Iraq. In return, Iraqi Shia international resistance faction announced a 500 Million dinars in reward for information on foreign residents or security forces, and for information on Baathists and Islamic State elements.
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