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BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: The shooting in the Boston suburb of Winthrop on 26 June is being investigated as a white supremacist hate crime according to the District Attorney. Around 2:45 pm EDT, 28-year-old Nathan Allen drove a stolen box truck near the intersection of Shirley and Cross streets in Winthrop. Exiting the vehicle armed, Allen passed by several white people before shooting two black individuals, David Green, a retired Massachusetts State Police trooper and Ramona Cooper, an Air Force veteran. Authorities described the murders as 'execution style'. The incident is being investigated as a hate crime because law enforcement says it found a notebook and other writings penned by Allen that spoke of superiority of the white race, whites as apex predators, anti-Semitic sentiments, racists comments as well as swastikas. The case is notable because Allen had no previous encounters with law enforcement and seemed to lead a stable life, both employed and recently married. Well-educated, Allen held a PhD. TRAC analysts note that his online profile has not revealed any racist posts and that following the incident, Telegram channels that usually churn in celebration over such incidents have been quiet.
Screenshots above: Photo (above): Othal Wallace tells friends on Facebook that he marched with the NFAC in Louisville.
TRAC INCIDENT REPORT: NFAC Militia Supporter Shoots Police Officer After Traffic Stop on 100 block of Kingston Avenue in Daytona Beach, Volusia County, Florida
On the night of 23 June, Othal Wallace was stopped by a police officer in a residential area in Daytona, Florida. During a struggle, Wallace apparently shot the officer in the head. Wallace fled the scene but was found on 26 June on the property of a former member of NFAC (No Fucking Around Coalition - a black nationalist paramilitary organization). Subsequently, TRAC analysts reviewed Wallace's online history. Wallace used the aliases "O-Zone Wallace", "Zone Wallace" and "Brother O-Zone" He bragged on Facebook of marching with the NFAC at a Breonna Taylor armed protest at Baxter Park in Louisville, Kentucky. If Mr. Wallace is in fact a card carrying NFAC militia member, it would mark the first case of NFAC harming police in any way. NFAC leader, Grand Master Jay, boasts that police forces actually appreciate the armed militia's presence because they are 'trained professionals', despite the many incidents showing otherwise. It also appears that Mr. Wallace is a member of The New Black Panther Party for Self Defence based on a social media post dated 15 June and the Atlanta chapter of The Huey P. Newton Gun Club. Grand Master Jay confirmed that Wallace was once a member who was dismissed from the NFAC after he joined The New Black Panther Party for Self Defence in January. Interestingly, besides Grand Master Jay, two other NFAC affiliated people commented on Wallace's arrest: Debbie James, spokeswoman for NFAC Global and Brandon Oliver of NFAC chapter in Orlando, Florida. Oliver told the press that the NFAC had been disbanded, stating “It doesn’t even really exist no more... The NFAC, it’s pretty much over.”  It is important to note that there has never been an announcement from anyone at the NFAC of disbanding. 
TRAC INSIGHT: Telegram Channel Campaign "I Might Not Be Able To; But I Can Do" Recruitment Drive / Cell Strategy
A seven poster campaign is meant to appeal to people who may fear that they don't have the skillset to assist in the collapse. The posters are kitschy retro-styled images of 'every day' people who become the support network for the modern day racist war machine operating food supplies, intelligence, medical assistance, and cyber attacks. The propaganda also gives the feel that the accelerationist network is vast and its needs are complex. The messages are unique because they don't encourage lone wolf attacks but rather to become a part of a collective that support team. The idea "you too have a place in the all white network" is a strongly compelling recruitment concept. It should be noted that only two women are featured in the propaganda; both are in supporting roles for a man. The following messages began with a Fashwave poster "Welcome to the Future Acceleration". Fashwave incorporates the art style of Vaporwave; a visual aesthetic that incorporates early Internet imagery with late 1990s web design. Glitch art, cyberpunk tropes, as well as anime, Greco-Roman style statues, and 3D-rendered objects are all types of Vaporwave.
Images (Above): Meme collected as part of the campaign. The posters spanned seve
Photos (above): Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) / Indonesian National Police evacuate the bodies of four construction workers; Army. (below): The incident (marked with a star) occurred in Bingky village.
TRAC Incident Report: West Papua National Liberation Army / Free Papua Movement (OPM) Militants Launch Armed Assault on Construction Workers; Four Workers Killed, Four Taken Hostage, Bingky Village, Yahukimo Regency, Papua Province, Indonesia
On 24 June, an estimated thirty members of the West Papua National Liberation Army, the armed branch of the Free Papua Movement, ambushed a construction vehicle carrying materials for the Trans Papua Highway project in Yahukimo regency, West Papua. The militants attacked the construction workers in the vehicle with arrows, axes, machetes, and rifles, killing four and taking four hostage. These workers had been working on a bridge in Bingky village, part of the planned 4,300 kilometer long highway. At 3:50 PM the Yahukimo police were notified of the attack and arrived at the scene hours later. Rescue operations are underway to locate the hostages. The West Papua National Liberation Army / Free Papua Movement has not claimed responsibility for this attack but urged civilians to leave the area immediately. A spokesman stated:
“Don’t listen to the TNI and police who said that civilians will not be victimized. There’s no guarantee. The TNI and Polri are deceiving you. If you die, it’s your family’s loss.” The Free Papua Movement seeks to overthrow the Indonesian governments in Papua and West Papua and to ultimately secede from Indonesia. They reject any form of industrialization and have been known to attack construction workers. In April, the Indonesian government formally designated the Free Papua Movement as a terrorist organization as attacks continued to increase and after the targeted killing of a top Indonesian intelligence official.
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