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BOTTOM LINE UPFRONT: TRAC monitoring of multiple online platforms in recent weeks reveals a topical convergence between left/right wing extremists' goals and perceived enemies and an underlying view that there is no political solution. Both milieus identify a common thread that influential Jews are the hidden hand behind society's inequalities and the U.S. federal government's "draconian policies." Furthermore, both ends of the spectrum highlight environmental degradation, anti-capitalism / anti-wealth (often tied in with the 'Jewish question'), rent strikes and attacks on infrastructure. From the extreme far right, nothing short of a race war and the rise of an entirely white ethno-state is the reason not to participate in the elections. From the extreme far left, the reorganization of wealth and removal of capitalism are the motivations.Though the most extreme elements in both camps seek to 'accelerate' a civilization-wide collapse, a wider sense of mistrust, hatred and paranoia will prevent movement-wide collaboration. These divergent views most visibly seen this week on an influential Telegram channell in the Terrorgram network which often spreads instructional advice on how to attack soft targets. This isn't the first time that this specific Telegram channel has suggested coopting groups that don't share the racists' ideology to help with the accelerationist cause. In January 2021, this same channel suggested that disgruntled voters in the United States would be easy to recruit into the "There is No Political Solution" cause.  The concept of "There is No Political Solution" is used to justify violence.
Images (Above): Paul Miller mugshot. (middle): 01 March 2021 GypsyCrusader News Network Telegram channel advertises The Fascist League book is now for sale.(below): Terrorgram channel posting warning of Miller sales.
TRAC INCIDENT REPORT: Terrorgram Telegram Network React to Paul Miller aka GypsyCrusader, Arrest in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida, United States
On 02 March, in a pre-dawn raid at 06:00 am local time, Paul Miller (aka GypsyCrusader) was taken into custody on the 1300 block of SW 6th Street in Ft. Lauderdale. He was arrested for being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. FBI agents used flash bangs while serving the warrant for his arrest. If convicted, Miller faces 1-3 years in prison. Miller wields considerable influence on several social media platforms. He is celebrated on Omegle reaching 18,000 followers on 03 December 2020 as his You Tube channel with 11,000 members was taken down. It is worth noting that  GypsyCrusader News Network Telegram channel has 19,161 subscribers. By the time of Miller's arrest, the GypsyCrusader News Network Telegram channel had grown to 43,013 subscribers. TRAC warned of Miller's growing influence to attract new recruitment to white nationalism in December 2020. He makes money off his fan club by selling various racist merchandise privately. Just the day prior to his arrest, Miller advertised his new "Fascist League Book" and that promotional shirts will also be available soon. Offering multiple ways to pay for his merchandise, Telegram's so-called Terrorgram network has long warned that GypsyCrusader News Network Telegram channel's mailing list would be a road map for new FBI watch lists across the United States.The Terrorgram network has been warning for months that Paul Miller's various items for sale on Telegram are a FBI honeypot.
TRAC INCIDENT REPORT: Bombing Targets Shia Pilgrims on the al-Aimma Bridge Near the Kadhimiya Mosque, the Shrine of Musa al-Kazim in Kadhimiya Neighborhood of Baghdad, Iraq
On the evening of 08 March, pilgrims were marching to the Kadhimiya Mosque where the Shrine of Musa al-Kazim is located when an explosion occurred. Conflicting reports range from a suicide bomber caused the explosion to a hand grenade thrown from a nearby cemetery to a bag of explosives left on the bridge detonated remotely. The Initial casualty count stood at three dead and 15 injured from the bombing. The historical and most revered Kadhimiya Mosque houses the tombs of the seventh and ninth Twelver Shia Imams, Musa al-Kazim and his grandson Muhammad al-Jawad, every year there is annual pilgrimage to honor Musa al-Kazim.Though motivations are unclear at the time of this writing, Islamic State (IS) frequently targets Shia in all global Operations. Typically IS operates in North Baghdad, last month IS appeared to be making a comeback in urban Baghdad city when a Shia clothing market was targeted by suicide bombers in Tayaran Square. The attack was likely meant also to embarrass the Iraqi government who just a day ago hosted the Pope in what was touted as an international success for peace in the region. The Papal's visit began in Baghdad just three days ago, on 05 March 2021, and was the first-ever leader of the Roman Catholic Church to ever visit Iraq.
Image (above): Scene of attack
Images: (Above) Scent of blast.
TRAC Incident Report: A Blast Hits a Covid-19 Test Centre in Bovenkarspel Town, Northern Amsterdam, Netherlands
On 3 March at 6:55 am local time, a covid-19 test centre was targeted by an IED shortly before it opened in Bovenkarspel town, 55 kms northern Amsterdam, Netherlands. Police said a metal pipe outside the testing centre exploded, that they are currently investigating the incident and that it was a deliberate attack. No one was injured by the blast but the windows of the testing centre were shattered. Since the 23rd of January, Netherlands has witnessed violent protests and unrest caused by the curfew imposed to curb the coronavirus pandemic. On 24 January, young protestors set a coronavirus testing facility on fire overnight in Urk village, Flevoland province. Additionally, on 26 January, an IED exploded in Osdorp suburb, spread flames across the street and led to dozens of arrests.Bovenkarspel is a rural town that is suffering a surge in coronavirus cases, with 181 cases per 100,000 compared to 27 per 100,000 elsewhere in Netherlands. In addition, some of its hospitals were forced to transfer patients to hospitals in other provinces due to intensive care units shortage.
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