Volume 1 | January 2021
"The Baseline"

Happy New Year and welcome to the inaugural edition of "The Baseline" - your guide to what's up and coming at CVTC! 

Our goal in launching The Baseline is to enhance communication and have a little fun. With this endeavour in mind, each month you'll find a message from the executive team...this is it! The "News & Events" section will let you know about upcoming social events, tournaments, clinics and other happenings at the club. "Petya's Place" will keep you in top form with tips, training ideas and information on upcoming clinics and camps. Community Corner" is our home for showing off! Here we'll thank volunteers, congratulate members for their huge (and not so huge) accomplishments, and share photos from the fun we've had within our CVTC community. If you have a favorite picture or want to give someone a little love, you can send a submission through the "picture or props" button. Finally, we end off with "Players Past & Present" providing a quip, quote and curiosity around the featured player.

We hope this month's newsletter provides you with a little warmth during these cold winter months and finds you and your family healthy and happy as we enter into 2021.


Your CVTC Executive Team
News & Events
Court Upgrades:

We are pleased to announce that the courts will go through a scarification and laser grading process prior to and without delay to the club opening. Work will also be done to repair drainage basins with additional improvements to be announced in upcoming newsletters. This necessary work and maintenance will ensure a better and safer playing experience for all.

Check out what's involved in scarification - Scarification
Check out what's involved in laser grading - Laser grading

Club "Tagline" Contest:

Many companies and organizations have taglines. Famous examples include Nike..."Just Do It" and M&M's..."Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands". We want your help coming up with a club tagline. Use your imagination and have fun!

An example for our club might be CVTC..."we're on the ball" (but I know we can do better!).

The club executive will select three taglines from those submitted. In the next issue, you'll be able to vote for your favorite. The winner will receive bragging rights and $100 off their 2021 membership.
Petya's Place
Tip of the Month:

To best prepare for your ground strokes, have your racket back before the ball bounces on your side of the net.

Training and Development:

Ensure perfect form next spring with this winter training exercise!
Community Corner

Shout Out!

  • to Danielle Over for her years of dedication and leadership as Club President

  • to Jerry Hobbs, Shelley Li and German Cardenas for their service on the Executive Team

  • to Gerda Graef and Harvey Sadowick for their contributions on the Board of Directors

Congrats to our 2020 Club Champs!

Open Singles - Randy Rochio def. Madisson Lee

Women's Open - Bella Muere def. Selin Vakalapudi

Men’s Open Doubles - R. Rochio & L. Wilson def. S. Morozov & J. Thomas

Women’s Doubles - B. Muere & P. Leun def. J. Chan & O. Morozova

Mixed Doubles - M. Lee & R. Rocchio def. P. Marinova & J. James

Men’s Over 50 Singles - Ivan Balic def. Stefan Bololoi

Men’s Over 50 Doubles - D. De'Angelis & I. Balic def. S. Morozov & F. Bray

...and all the consolation winners!


If you've got a great photo or think someone deserves some "props", click below to tell us about it. You might just find your submission in the next edition!
Players Past & Present
John McEnroe
Did You Know?

McEnroe attained the No. 1 ranking in both singles and doubles, finishing his career with 77 singles and 78 doubles titles. This remains the highest combined total of the Open Era


"You cannot be serious!"