April 2020
The Arc of New Jersey Family Institute provides caregivers with the necessary resources and education to access the appropriate supports and services for their loved one with an intellectual and developmental disability.
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Governmental Affairs Update

In March, The Arc of New Jersey’s Executive Director Tom Baffuto and Immediate Past President Bob Hage testified before the Senate Budget Committee to support the Governor’s proposals for Direct Support Professional wage increases and additional funding for day program services. We also advocated for the Legislature to include rate increases for Early Intervention Services which have not gone up in 15 years. Bob spoke about his family’s experience with the Early Intervention System and how critical those supports are to babies and toddlers with developmental delays. Due to COVID-19, the Assembly Budget Committee canceled their in person hearings scheduled for March, but The Arc of New Jersey still weighed in by submitting testimony electronically. 

Also in March, members of the New Jersey Self-Advocacy Network met with Department of Human Services Commissioner Carole Johnson and senior members of her team to advocate on issues impacting their lives. This was an important opportunity to communicate with the Department and Self-Advocates appreciated the chance to make their voices heard. 

Also in March, The Arc of New Jersey supported efforts led by The Arc US to ensure the disability community is included in pandemic response legislation. We reached out to members of New Jersey’s congressional delegation and shared action alerts with our networks to push for
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Census Resources

In-depth Q&A with Peggy McDonald, assistant commissioner for student services, director of oversight of special education for the state’s 2,500 public schools.
DD Training Resources is an online database, funded by a grant from The NJ Council on Developmental Disabilities and run by The Arc of New Jersey's Family Institute. It provides a wide range of information about trainings and support resources for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families throughout the State of New Jersey.
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Mission to Transition

New Jersey operates a Medicaid program in partnership with the federal government to provide medical assistance to those who need it most. Those eligible for Medicaid must enroll with one of five Managed Care Organizations, or MCOs. All MCOs must follow the same basic rules when they reduce, terminate, or deny Medicaid service.
A free webinar will be hosted by Disability Rights New Jersey on this topic on April 15 at 2pm. The webinar will discuss what to do when your Medicaid managed care company denies, reduces, or terminates services. 
Navigating the System

Check out   The Arc of NJ's COVID-19 Updates & Information page   for news and resources impacting people with I/DD during this time. This is a challenging period, but our organization is here to support you as best we can in the days and weeks ahead.
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Road to Employment
A Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) is a written plan of action for pursuing and getting a particular type of job. A PASS describes the steps you will take, and the items and services you will need to reach your work goal. When you have an approved PASS, Social Security does not count the money you set aside to help you reach your work goal, when determining your eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
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