July 25, 2021
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Beloved Ones:

I have been reading "365 Health and Happiness Boosters" by M.J. Ryan. The reading below, gave me pause for thought:

Live With Your Poisonous Trees

In her book Voices from the Heart, Christina Feldman writes of visiting a paradisiacal tropical island that seemed to have no flaws. Except one. On the island in several public places grew some poisonous trees; one drop of sap on the skin could send a person into shock. Visitors were warned about them but Christina asked an islander, "If they are so dangerous, why haven't they been cut down?" "Why would we do that?" the man replied. "They were here before we were, and they are part of the landscape of our island. It is up to us to take care around them."

The incident struck her because it is such a powerful analogy for how we need to relate to the world. "Many of us have poisonous trees in our lives...We have relationships with people who are difficult. And sometimes we carry these poisonous trees within our behavior patterns, fear or habitual reactions. Can we simply acknowledge and accept them? Can we treat them with respect, care and understanding? Do we recognize that they are a part of our personal landscape? Or do we try to eliminate them?"

We can never eliminate all the poisonous trees in our lives. It is just not possible. So perhaps today we can take a few minutes to think about what changing our attitudes about the poisonous trees we find in our lives would do for our peace of mind...and for peace in our world.

Richest Blessings!

Rev. Jackie Holland
Community Spiritual Leader/Senior Minister
Guest Musician
Becky Blake

Becky Blake is a former professional actress (you can still see her on a few VERY OLD "Law and Order" episodes) who is so blessed to sing with an acoustic group called The Storytellers, and is a featured singer with The Billy Blues Band. Becky is delighted to sing for the Center for Spiritual Living this week.
Meditative Thought
by Dr. Ernest S. Holmes, Founder of Science of Mind

"There is an inner Life into which we may plunge, an inner consciousness in which we may bathe. As water purifies itself by flowing, so our inner realization of the flow of Life through us purifies the stagnant pools of our fears and doubts. Travelers crossing the desert, covered with dust and filled with weariness, seek the refreshment of an oasis, the shelter of a rock in a weary land, the cool shade under a spreading palm. So we, with a mind weary with confusion and exhausted with too much effort, should seek a spiritual oasis, an inner communion with the invisible Presence."  10 Ideas That Make a Difference p. 56.3
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In Memoriam
Paul Kreider
June 14, 2021

It is with profound sadness that we let you know of our beloved musician and friend, Paul Kreider's transition on June 14, 2021. We will miss his gentle smile, his amazing talent and all the goodness that he brought to the CSL Boise. You have earned your angel wings dear Paul. Rest in peace with the ancestors. Read his obituary here.
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Prayer of the Week

"Our prayer is answered before it is uttered” ~Ernest Holmes
The bright summer sun, clear blue sky and colorful wildflowers all reminds me of the One Spirit, great Creator, Source of all life, all things seen and unseen. This same Creator has existed before time and will exist when time is no longer. There is no greater power in the universe and its greatest Manifestation is love.

The Source of all life is within me, residing at the core of my being. Knowing this is true for me, I also proclaim it is true for all living beings. We are all divinely connected to our Source.
Knowing this unity with our divine Source, let us affirm that light always overcomes darkness, that Divine awakening occurs as we release our fear and accept love for the unlovely, peace within which radiates to surround us and divine right action as we awaken to our role as seekers of truth and justice.

Giving thanks for the truth of our word, let us release it to the law, knowing it is done.

And so it is.

Jo Hughes, RScP
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Reverend Jackie Holland, Senior Minister