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May 17, 2020
Join us for Sunday Hospitality for a video call via ZOOM, click this link:

You don't need a ZOOM account. But if you haven't been on a ZOOM call before, it will download the Zoom software, which will only take a few moments. You will then join the ZOOM meeting and have the option of showing your gorgeous face using your computer's video camera, or not. You can also mute your audio on your computer, and just listen. Or unmute your audio so we can hear you.

There is also a ZOOM app for your phone if you prefer using your smart phone.

If you just want to call in and just hear what's going on, you can join the chat by dialing 1 669 900 6833 and entering the Meeting ID # 853 7670 1907 and Password: 952965

Minister's Message
Beloved Ones:
A few weeks have passed since last I wrote to you and we continue in the shadow of COVID-19. Another week of worrying about what not to touch, how many feet are between us, and wondering when the 'shelter in place' will be lifted. 
I know we are all tired of staying at home, being afraid to go to the grocery store, missing our friends, and of watching the never ending, always confusing news feeds and Facebook/Twitter posts. And most of all, we are bone tired of being worried all the time. Understand I am right there with you.
But in my truly centered moments, I remember that God is Great and God is GOOD! I remember that we are perfect expressions of this all-powerful source of Life, Health, Love and Peace.  Religious Science teaches that we are all One. . .we are all connected to each other as one human family. Therefore, what we think and how we react to every situation will impact every other person in our country and our world. Our work is to remain centered and know that there is a Divine Presence in the midst of everything we are experiencing. Our power is rooted in an understanding that we can surrender and trust this Power to guide and direct us in the changes required to effectively address whatever is before us. We can trust that the answer to every question, every concern, comes from within.

I know that we are all missing each other so much! Your Board of Trustees and I are carefully following the Government's 4-phase re-opening plan for Idaho. At the time of this writing, there is still no clear message from our government officials of when we can safely open. In the meanwhile, we are continuing our Sunday service on Facebook Live at 10:30 am MT and our hospitality time on ZOOM at 11:45 am MT. I love being able to interact with all of you and seeing your beautiful faces!

We also want to thank those of you who continue financially supporting the Center for Spiritual Living, Boise with your generous contributions through the mail, at and our many e-giving methods. Your loving support is making a great difference in the well-being of this community and we are deeply grateful.
And a special "thank you" to practitioner Deborah Whitman for her beautiful Mother's Day message last Sunday in my absence.  

Please stay safe, be well and stay strong in Spirit. You are deeply loved!

Rev. Jackie Holland
Community Spiritual Leader
Guest Musician Andy Byron

Andy Byron's music will open your heart and inspire you to remember what really counts in life.

An accomplished musician and songwriter, Andy has opened for musical legends George Jones and Randy Travis, the Charlie Daniels Band, Travis Tritt, David Allen Coe, Colin Raye and many others. He and his band, The Lost River Band won the 2009 Critic's Choice Award from the Idaho Statesman.

This incredible musician will be our guest artist during our Sunday Service.
No greater good can come to you than to know that the Power already within you is the Power to live, the Power to create. Not only to create for yourself but for others—the Power to do good, the Power to heal, the Power to prosper. You are to realize that the Power within you is a divine Authority. It is a dispenser of the divine gifts. It is a giver of Life, of Joy. It proclaims the Kingdom of Heaven, the Harmony of the soul, and the unity of all being.

Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science
"Living the Science of Mind" Page 123
Sunday Service
Upcoming Events
Meditation on the water

Daily High Noon Meditations
Find your Center in the Chaos

Join us at NOON, Monday through Friday via Facebook Live for a 10-15 minute 'High Noon Meditation' with Rev. Jackie or one of our Practitioners.

It's a great mid-day relaxation and re-centering.

You can watch it LIVE, as it's happening, or later, anytime that you need to 'center down'. The meditation videos are posted under the 'VIDEOS' section on our FB page.

A Message from CSL Boise Leadership to our Congregants and Friends:

Please know that we, your Ministers, Practitioners, Board of Trustees and the entire Leadership Team are holding you and your families in high consciousness, knowing your health, safety and wholeness through these extraordinary times. We believe in the Divine Power that dwells within us all and we have unwavering faith that all is well and that we will all be together again very soon.
In the meantime, please stay as connected as you can through our online activities and we’ll keep supporting you by remembering what powerful, creative spiritual beings you are, even in the midst of such uncertainty.
We also want to sincerely and deeply express our gratitude to those of you who continue to financially support the Center for Spiritual Living Boise with your generous contributions. Your loving support is our lifeline right now and we are humbly thankful to each one of you.

So until we can be together again, please stay safe, stay well and stay strong in Spirit!

Richest Blessings!
Harold Whitman, Board President
Giving Opportunities
To our beloved Center for Spiritual Living Community,  

During this unique time, whether you connect with us on your phone, tablet, TV or on Facebook Live, we are honored to be able to continue to support you spiritually.  Though we might not be passing an offering basket in person each week, please remember that we continue to have financial obligations regardless of whether service is taking place in person or via livestream.

Thank you for your continued and generous support!
The prayer team is awaiting your prayer request! We invite you to reach out to us !
Support Our Musicians!

Due to CDC guidelines, our musicians' gigs have been cancelled. Please keep checking for updates on future events and Virtual Performances by our talented musicians.
Special thanks to Rex Miller and the musicians who continue to support the CSL during this time!  
To find out more, and to help support our musicians during these difficult times, please click on the links to our beloved Musician's Websites.
Prayer of the Week
Sitting quietly in this sacred space, knowing there is one Presence, one Intelligence, one Source of all life everywhere present on Mother Earth and, also knowing that this Source is the giver of life in all of its beauty and splendor!

I consciously unify with this Presence right now. I know God is experiencing life in me and as me in all that I think, say and do. This mighty Presence is the very breath of my life and I rejoice in this beautiful awareness. I absolutely know this same truth for everyone reading this prayer. We are all connected within this one Mind. God is always there, ready and willing to provide for us our every need and desire for our highest good!  

As we move throughout our day, we throw open wide the doors of our lives and allow all our good to move in. We know that we are deserving of all good and that there is enough for everyone. As challenges greet us in our day, we turn within and ask, “What is it I need to know from this experience?” We turn it over to God and with complete expectancy; know that God is bringing forth the right and best outcome.
With a grateful heart we say thank you for our awareness of the Law as we release it knowing God is at work for us according to our belief.

And so it is!

Deborah Whitman, RScP
Community Corner
Calling All Volunteers!
If you are tired of doing yard work at your own house, we could use your help at the Center. Folks are needed to dig out the grass on the West side of the building in preparation for our "rock garden". You would be working alone, so no worries about distancing requirements.

Also volunteers are needed to pull weeds on the perimeter of the parking lot.

Call the church at 208.375.0751 to volunteer to assist with keeping your Center beautiful!
Center for Spiritual Living Boise

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Reverend Jackie Holland, Senior Minister