June 6, 2021

Happy LGBTQ+ and Pride Month!

As we begin the month of June, I pause to express my love and support to my gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, straight and/or however-you-identify Friends. Thank you for having the courage to stand in your own personal freedom and be who you are and live as God intended you to live. I am honored to bear witness to your courage, your strength and your clarity. You are role-models for all of us. You encourage us to be who we are as well! My deepest admiration, appreciation and gratitude to you.

Please know that I imply no thoughts of separation when I write the words "they" and "their". We are all One. Yet with June being pride month, I want to take this opportunity to clearly state one of the core beliefs of this Spiritual Community: The Center for Spiritual Living of Boise unhesitatingly and wholeheartedly supports our lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and queer friends and their rights, their marriages, their pursuits of happiness and their precious lives. We stand in this Truth, not just in June, but July through May as well!

To anyone who has been hurt by folks prattling "religion" as the basis for their cruelty, I echo the words of my teacher and mentor, John Pavolovitz, who wrote: To all my LGBTQ friends who daily face the taunts and threats and coldness of people claiming faith in a God who is supposed to be made of love, please accept my apologies for them wielding religion like a weapon.

They're wrong.

God adores you.

Religious Science teaches that God is Love and that God dwells richly in and as you. The love of God is showing up as YOUR love. , , however that love is expressed.

Happy Pride!

Rev. Jackie Holland
Community Spiritual Leader/Senior Minister
Current CSL Covid-related Information

  • Based on new CDC Guidelines, masks are no longer required when attending the CSL.
  • If you are not vaccinated, we encourage (but do not require) you to wear a mask to protect yourself and others. We believe and trust that you know what to do for the Highest and Best for everyone in our community.
  • Please be aware there may be some individuals who may not be comfortable with being approached, Do not approach or hug anyone without first obtaining permission and please maintain a safe distance until you do so. Do not take it personally if someone indicates they are uncomfortable. We honor everyone's choices here!
  • We ask that you watch us on-line if you are not feeling well or have been exposed to Covid in the last 10 days
  • Youth Church is not yet available, but children will be accommodated and supervised in the lobby and certainly are welcome in the Sanctuary with their parents.
  • Limited Hospitality is being served after service.
  • Questions? Please call the office @ 208.375.0751
Guest Musical Artist
Lisa Bittick
Lisa Bittick is an Idaho native who performs in various bands around the Treasure Valley, and as a soloist. She is a vocalist and a multi-instrumentalist including piano, violin, mandolin and bass to name a few. We look forward to seeing Lisa exhibit her many talents this Sunday!
Meditative Thought
by Dr. Ernest S. Holmes, Founder of Science of Mind

We have no power of ourselves, as though we were separate entities, therefore we say with the Psalmist that our strength cometh from the Lord who made heaven and earth. What we really do is to use a Power greater than we are, which Power is our strength, but we ourselves are not the Power.
 ~365 Days of Richer Living p. 63
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Prayer of the Week

"Prayer is a thought, a belief, a feeling, arising
within the mind of the one praying.” ~Ernest Holmes

The infinite, all creative intelligence is everywhere present, is forever expressing in and through all of Its creation, is the One Power present in all life.
And from this place of knowing, I feel my unity with this Presence. With enthusiasm I meditate upon this Oneness knowing that all of life is connected.
As we move about each day, we recognize the perfection in all our activities. In challenging times, we stop and breathe in the air knowing that the air is Spirit.We feel a renewed sense of Life surging through every aspect of our body temples. We joyfully share our love with those around us and give thanks for each experience, knowing that it was right and perfect at that moment in time.
Affirm with me: I am a miracle! Every day is a miracle! I am so grateful to Spirit for the abundance of peace, joy, health and love that is continuously flowing into my life!
I am filled with gratitude as I release this truth into the Law knowing it is already done! I see it! I feel it! I know it!

Deborah Whitman, RScP
The CSL Boise is Open!
Our Center is open for assembly gathering. 
Please join us at 10:30 am at 10464 W. Garverdale Court, Boise, ID.

Our requirements for assembly worship are designed to keep us ALL safe and healthy.  Please join us Sunday if you feel called to come to church in person. (Because we know church is everywhere!) We look forward to seeing your beautiful faces and sharing in your wonderful energy in our Sanctuary! Or join us on Facebook Live at 10:30 amor watch the Sunday Service video at your convenience.
Special thanks to our Musical Director, Rex Miller and all of the talented
musicians who continue to support the CSL during this time! 
To find out more, and to help support our musicians during
these difficult times, please click on the links to our beloved Musician's Websites.
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Reverend Jackie Holland, Senior Minister