Without your help on Tuesday, the Carmen Bridge will be delayed another year.

This Tuesday evening, April 5, the Cupertino City Council is setting its priorities for what will be funded in the City Work Program and the CIP (Capital Improvement Plan) for next year.

We need to speak at that Council meeting to ask that the Carmen Bridge Project be added to the list of priorities for the 2022-2023 CIP.

The project is not currently listed as a project that the staff will work on in the coming year, even as a very low priority (there are more than 50 items on the list currently). Without a change to the list to add the Carmen Bridge, it cannot move forward.
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Please make sure to add your name and any useful information, such as that you are a resident and/or will use the bridge (and how). Making it personal makes more of an impact!
We are asking that speakers say only two sentences:
(1) I am a resident of Cupertino or local neighbor (who lives close to the bridge, cares about student safety and traffic issues, will use the bridge, etc) and
(2) I am asking that you add the Carmen Bridge to the CIP for the coming year.
That's it!
Why has the project taken so long so far?
Right-of Way issues

The Feasibility Study for the Carmen Bridge has been complete since 2019, but there has been no forward progress since then. Why? It is because it was initially thought that to build the bridge, land needed to be ceded by a local neighbor either as an easement or outright purchase by the city. After reviewing County records recently, it was determined that the City owned the needed land, and not local homeowners, so no easements or purchases would be needed. This allows the project to move forward without any complicated negotiations or impediments.
Our voices together can make a difference.
Happy walking and biking,

Your friends at Walk-Bike Cupertino
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