In This Issue:


  • Congressman Reed Met with ABC Membership
  • Empire State Chapter Members Rank Nationally as Top Performers


  • State Legislature One-House Budget Proposals Recap
  • Call to Action: SUBMIT YOUR LETTER TODAY - Public Subsidy Board
  • Call to Action: Support The Fair and Open Competition Act


  • Confined Space Entry Training


  • How to Prepare for and Defend Against an OSHA Inspection
  • STEP - The Safety Training Evaluation Process: YOU NEED IT


  • President Brian Sampson Pens Letter to de Blasio: NO PLAs


  • Update on ABC 11-Trade Multi-Employer Apprenticeship Program
  • Welcome to our new Board Members


  • COVID-19 Resources
  • Employee Retention Tax Credit
  • Paycheck Protection Program

Congressman Reed's Meeting with Membership
On March 16, we hosted our first Quarterly Membership Update of the year. The staff and Board will highlighted some of the great work the Chapter has accomplished on behalf of the membership in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Membership
  • Government Affairs 

Rep. Tom Reed (R- District 23 - Corning/Elmira), co-chair of the influential Problem Solvers Caucus, joined our call for 30 minutes and updated our members on important policy issues being debated in D.C. Rep. Reed also took time to answer questions from our members.

We hope to be able to share a big announcement from Rep. Reed in the coming weeks, so STAY TUNED!
ABC Top Performers 2021
Empire State Chapter recognizes our membership
named to the national Top Performers List

Top 200 Performer
Top 100 General contractor
Accredited Quality Contractor
Excellence in Construction Award
ABC National Safety Excellence Award

Crisafulli Bros. Plumbing & Heating Contractors, Inc.
Top Performer with Special Designation - Women's Business Enterprise

Gypsum Systems, LLC
Top 200 Performer
Top 75 Trade Contractor
Top Specialty Contractor
Accredited Quality Contractor

RSI Roofing, Inc.
Top 200 Performer
Top Specialty Contractor
Accredited Quality Contractor

Structural Associates, Inc.
Top 200 Performer
Top General Contractor Up to $50 Million
Accredited Quality Contractor

Wu & Associates, Inc./Design Builders & General Co.
Top Performer with Special Designation - Minority Business Enterprise
Top General Contractor Up to $50 Million
Accredited Quality Contractor
Government Affairs
Recapping the One-House Budget Proposals
The Senate and Assembly each passed their respective “one house” budget resolutions. As a result, the budget negotiations between the Legislature and Governor will now begin and go until the April 1 budget deadline.

We have included some items of interest to our membership below:
Renewable Energy Projects

Both houses have language in their proposals that would require Project Labor Agreements or Prevailing Wage to be paid on New York State Renewable Energy Projects.

Both houses rejected the Governor’s budget proposal on the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, however it appears a deal is being reached to pass legislation outside of the budget.
Small Businesses

Both houses have advanced Small Business Grant Programs for those impacted by COVID-19 to provide funding for essential businesses’ costs such as payroll, rent, insurance, PPE, and license fees.
Extended Producer Responsibility

The Senate proposes to mandate product stewardship requirements on producers of paper and packaging.

In addition to the $12.5 billion that New York State will receive in direct federal stimulus funding, both houses of the Legislature advanced a number of new taxes totaling over $7B next year, if enacted. Most of the taxes are aimed at the wealthiest New Yorkers, including an increase in income tax for those making at least $1million and a new tax on second homes in New York City.

  • Personal Income Taxes (PIT)The Senate and Assembly have replaced the Governor’s temporary PIT increase with new permanent rates and brackets starting at 9.85% for income over $2.2 million (previously 8.82%), increasing to 11.85% for income over $25 million.
  • Middle Class Tax Cut DelayBoth houses rejected the Governor’s proposal to delay the implementation of the ongoing middle-class tax cut for one year.
  • Tax Surcharges - The Assembly proposes to establish a new 18% surcharge on the tax liability of corporate franchise taxpayers, corporate utility taxpayers, and insurance taxpayers.
  • Modify Small Businesses Taxes - The Assembly proposes various changes related to the taxation of small businesses, including proposals to:
  • Reduce the Corporate Franchise Tax rate from 6.5% to 4% for businesses with 100 or fewer employees and with a net income of $390,000 or less;

  • Increase the existing sole proprietor and farm business income deduction from the current 5% to 15% for small businesses that are paying taxes through the personal income tax and that have less than $250,000 of small business income;

  • Modify the existing Investment Tax Credit to make it refundable for taxpayers whose primary income is from farming operations; and

  • Eliminate the estimated tax underpayment penalty for New York S corporations.
  • Alternative Minimum Tax - The Assembly proposes to reinstate an alternative minimum tax on business corporations at the rate of 0.15% of the taxpayer's total business capital.
We are happy to provide additional details as needed.
We MUST have a seat on the Public Subsidy Board
Last year, in the State budget, New York expanded prevailing wage to private work. When the law goes into effect, any project over $5 million that receives public funds totaling 30% or more of the total construction costs will now be considered a public works project

Part of that proposal called for a Public Subsidy Board to be created that will have legally binding power to raise or lower those thresholds. The Board will also be able make determinations on whether or not a project should be considered a prevailing rate job.

We cannot express how important it is for ABC to have a seat on that board. Otherwise, decisions that will have a major impact on what jobs you can bid will be made without our voice.


Please submit the following letter that calls for our Chapter President, Brian Sampson, to have a seat on that board. This board is supposed to be seated in the beginning of April so please send this letter as soon as possible

Call to Action: Support The Fair and Open Competition Act
The Fair and Open Competition Act has been reintroduced in Congress. This legislation protects federal and federally assisted construction contracts from government-mandated project labor agreements and will allow merit shop contractors to have a fair chance at competing to rebuild America.

After the bill was introduced, an ABC-led coalition of 17 construction industry and business associations sent a letter to congress in support of the bill, urging them to immediately pass this common-sense legislation.

ABC Chapters and members can take action to urge their representatives to sign on as a cosponsor by clicking the button below:
OSHA Inspections:
Preparing for and Defending Against

Need a refresher on how to prepare for an OSHA inspection? Follow the link below to watch the video from last week's webinar.

  • Proactive measures any employer can take (before OSHA ever shows up) to mitigate if not eliminate future OSHA exposure

  • The most important rights employers have during an OSHA inspection, and strategies for asserting those rights during an inspection

  • What OSHA must do to prove a violation against a construction company, and why employers should consider contesting OSHA citations

  • How to establish commonly-asserted defenses to OSHA citations

Don't wait to find out until it's too late!
More Coming - STAY TUNED!
Chapter Updates
11-Trade Multi-Employer Apprenticeship Program
An EXCITING UPDATE on our pending Apprenticeship Program:

  • Largest Multi-Employer Merit Shop Application ever submitted to NYSDOL;

  • Exclusive benefits for Empire State Chapter members only:

  • Ability to bid any public or private work with any Apprenticeship program requirement;

  • Ability to develop, train & retain a qualified workforce and future leaders;

  • Ability to be “signatory” to multiple trades without waiting for probationary period under individually sponsored programs;

  • Ability to expedite graduation rate compliance - graduates of group program count as graduates for every signatory contractor in that specific trade;

  • Ability to offset certain prevailing wage fringe costs via a trust component, thereby reducing overhead costs such as payroll, workers comp, and general liability insurance exposure;

  • Classes are taught by certified instructors with minimum journey-level work experience;

  • Curriculums are NYSED approved & include hands-on performance metrics in addition to textbook instruction; and

  • 5 Training Centers across NYS are NYSED approved.

For More Information, Contact Jeff Albert
(315) 246-7233

New Faces All Around
Welcome the Newest Board Members of
ABC Empire State Chapter

Patrick Kennelly - Principal and Owner
Anthony G. Ferry Inc.

Patrick acquired Anthony G. Ferry Inc. in 2007 and has been the Principal Owner since that time.

Patrick has more than 25 years of experience in the electrical contracting industry and received his Master Electrician’s license in 2001. He obtained his B.A. in History from St. Anselm’s College, and has previously served as a Trustee on the Board of St. Ignatius School in the Bronx, NY.  
Erin Sperry - SperryCo, LLC
President & Owner

Erin Sperry is the President and Owner of SperryCo, LLC, a heavy/highway and commercial contractor specializing in geotechnical construction - deep foundations and support of excavation systems. SperryCo pursues projects primarily in the upstate New York region. Erin studied engineering at Clarkson University and had previous experience as an executive at a manufacturing company before founding SperryCo in 2018.

SperryCo now holds the prestigious distinction of a New York State Women Business Enterprise and a New York State Department of Transportation Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, with reciprocity in Rhode Island and Vermont.

“What I love most about construction is the people. I am proud of the team that I have built at SperryCo and the relationships we have made with other contractors and groups within the industry. We have to deal with many technical and circumstantial challenges - unexpected conditions, weather, safety, suppliers - and at the end of the day managing all of these elements leads to a tangible sense of accomplishment that builds the strength of the team.”
Linda Petrie - Northern Glass Co. Inc.

Since 1992, Linda, along with her brother and co-owner Ian, has continued the proud tradition of providing services throughout the tri-county region of New York State's North Country.

Linda ensure's that the strength of the team at Northern Glass is its team of dedicated professionals and customer service personnel who place customer satisfaction and quality installations as their top priority.

She is focused on maintaining Northern Glass's reputation for providing quality services in the community .
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President Brian Sampson Pens Letter to de Blasio:
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