Welcome Back
Since last we spoke, I managed to meet my self-imposed deadline for finishing For the Love of Block Island. In the middle of January, I wrote THE END. The manuscript is now in the hands of two readers and by the middle of February I hope to send it off to my publisher for a planned October 2022 release. In the meantime, to whet your appetite, I can share a few excerpts here: 
On top of that, I’ve written about twenty-five pages of my next book which will include a few characters from the previous two Block Island books. 
My Latest
I have also been busy bringing CJPPhotos back from the dead. The site is in the beginning process of rebuilding. So, check back occasionally for updates. 
My last project since we were together is another reincarnated site. Wisdom and Life is back at CJenningsPenders: 
As with my photography site this is a work in progress as well. Much of my content points to the old website so I am in the process of editing all the old links. However, you can still reach Wisdom and Life at the above link. 
Happy One Year Anniversary.
This is the one-year anniversary of returning to my monthly constant contact updates as well. In the past I would use this platform to blast out my blogs; but I think my blogging days are over for now. My concentration for the foreseeable future will be directed to my fiction. 

Until next month: 
Keep writing and keep reading! 

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