Please take a moment today to email Westport's RTM about a PROPOSED Leaf Blower Ordinance and let your voice be heard
A new version of a PROPOSED leaf blower ban has appeared in Westport. Here are some highlights from the latest proposed version:

"the use of Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers is permitted only during the periods from March 15 through April 30 and October 15 through December 31. No person shall operate or cause or permit to be operated any Gas-Powered Leaf Blower on any public or private property in the Town other than during such periods"

"(a)  No Leaf Blowers (whether Gas-Powered or Electric-Powered) may be used before 8:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m"

Municipal and Golf are exempted:
"(i)    the provisions of this Article __ shall not apply to use of Leaf Blowers on town-owned property or publicly- or privately-owned golf courses."

System of reporting on violations:
"(b) Complaints. Anyone who believes that a violation of this Article has occurred may notify the Conservation Department in writing (via email or hard copy) of such violation. Such notice shall include: (i) the date and address of the property where the violation occurred, (ii) the name of the persons or entity who owns the property (if known), (iii) photographic or other reasonable evidence of the violation (if available), and (iv) the name, address and signature (digital or handwritten) of the complainant."

Who will get fined?:
Any warning notice of violation, and citation issued by the Conservation Department shall be issued to the property owner

After written warnings the Conversation Department will:
b. impose a fine of $100 for the violation that is the subject of the first citation, and a fine of $249 for the violation that is the subject of each subsequent citation, plus such other penalties, costs and/or fees as may be due for each violation;
c. provide that uncontested payment of such fine(s), penalties, costs and/or fees shall be made within ten (10) days of the date of the citation