November 2023

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As we gear up for the holiday season, let's take a moment to appreciate the possessions we have and manage them wisely. Our belongings aren’t just items; they carry memories, sentiments, and stories. It's the perfect time to commit to make space for new experiences and blessings that this season brings. Remember, managing possessions isn’t about letting go of everything, but rather cherishing what truly matters. By sorting, thinning and repurposing our possessions, we not only create a more peaceful environment but also open our hearts to embrace the joy of giving and sharing. So, let's make room for what's truly important and relish the holiday spirit together!



Living with Loss, One Day at a Time
Zoom Workshop with Rachel

The Art of

Managing Possessions:

What to do with all our stuff?

Wednesday, November 29 at 4p MDT

If you're downsizing your personal belongings or sorting through a loved one’s possessions, this workshop will provide techniques that allow you to determine what to keep, what to share and what to donate.

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Wednesday, November 29

The Art of Managing Possessions:

What to do with all your stuff?


Tuesday, December 5

Candid Discussion about Living with Loss, One Day at a Time


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One-on-one downsizing consultation
Taking the first step to downsize your possessions doesn’t have to be difficult. Together we can build an approach to minimize the stress and uncertainty through a proven decision-making process to thin, sort and repurpose your belongings. Schedule a free 20-minute assessment with me today.
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Widowed Parents Unite

The book hit the shelves ... congrats to Jenny Doman Lisk for her hard work and dedication to our community. I'm honored to be featured among so many talented and knowledgeable peers. Visit your local or online bookstore for your personal copy.

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Share the gift of caring for the season

"The most thoughtful gift I've received in a long time ..." —Nancy

A thoughtful holiday gift for yourself or for those who have experienced a loss. Order by December 10 for holiday delivery.

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Living with Loss, One Day at a Time: Amazon | Good Reads
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