About 4 hours later, another friend called her and asked what she was doing, and that is when she realized it was Sunday and not Monday.
Before the days of hybrid work, I often found myself on autopilot, heading to my office only to quickly realize that it was the weekend. In this new era, my friend and I are likely not the only ones to find ourselves working on our day off.

We all become accustomed to doing certain things and going certain places so much that logic doesn't always kick in. And what could go wrong when being on autopilot while working — paying bills without looking closely, signing off on documents without verifying all the details, accepting answers to questions that aren't complete, and more.

So how do we avoid work autopilot and prevent it from becoming an issue? A few tips include being mindful, taking regular breaks, exercising, eating right, changing duties, asking another person to review our work, and having an HR audit conducted by The HR Team.