Happy New Year! 

A new year, a fresh start - Now that all of the holiday partying is over, it’s time to start the new year off right by getting back on track. A new decade deserves a fresh outlook and a new routine. While our ‘to do’ lists never seems to end, I find I feel more accomplished with mine when I put myself first and get myself physically and mentally ready to tackle those challenges. Starting a fitness routine is a perfect solution for clearing your head and setting you off in the right direction.
I encourage you to challenge yourself: Stop by the PTO Fitness Center, look at the wide variety of group exercise classes available, and pick a new one to try. You can also commit to a jumpstart of personal training for a month. Give it a try! Get active to kick the new decade off. You’ll be surprised what you can accomplish both in the gym and in your daily life with a clearer head and more physically fit you.
Sonya Penn