Spring 2021
Real Middleton U14B, U16B & U19B
Volunteer Schedule Announced!
Hi family!

Welcome to the Spring season! I hope your boys had fun during the Futsal and Winter season!
Now, I am so excited of the new upcoming outdoor season after this difficult past year!

Thanks for making yourself available for volunteering! Without you it would be impossible to have the season run smoothly!
Note: For those who opted out, you can ignore this message. I will meeting teams in March and look forward to see you or meet the new families!

The U14B (Chievo), U16B (Juventus) and U19B (Inter) share the same jobs at Middleton Place Park (practices) and at Colemans (games) so here is your volunteer schedule in two formats for your convenience:

Job descriptions are below.

Most of these jobs are done at times when your boy is practicing or about to play or just after he played so we are hoping this much needed jobs will not be a burden in your busy schedule! Saying we truly appreciate your involvement is an understatement!

Please read the schedule ASAP and save your dates as well as read the jobs descriptions below.

Note: Coaches, managers and people who paid the opt out fee are not included in the schedule.

Please carefully analyze the information! We all depend on each other to make sure our fields are top notch for our boys and our adversaries.


Our boys need the full size goals and we need to move one set (the gray ones) from Colemans to Place Park so there is a group of you scheduled this Wednesday March 3, 2021. Please check ASAP if you are one of them. The club will provide a U-Haul unless any of you have a truck we can use (let me know ASAP).

Let's meet at Coleman's at 5:30pm this Wednesday at 5:30PM for this first job, if you are scheduled!
Soccer goals have caused dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries when falling over. In my home town of Alcorcon, Madrid, a kid died when a futsal goal fall onto him. So I learn first hand this is something we need to pay a lot of attention as the safety of our participants is our first priority.

The incidents are linked by a single trend: the goals were not properly secured to keep them from tipping. Some were felled by wind, others from persons climbing on or hanging from the goals, and a few collapsed because they were weakened by climbing or hanging from them. Many of the goals were not even setup for use in a game.  

To help our coaches with goals so they can concentrate in the technical tasks, you have been assigned to help 3 of the 11 weeks this season. The job follows:


Setting and taking down goals before and after practice.

  • If your team uses portable goals, it is indispensable you learn how to set and take down portable goals to do it right so they do not break. Your coach will teach you.
  • If your team uses non portable goals, please make sure you return the goals to the special spot in the field we have been instructed by the field owner to store them (ask your coach if in doubt). You will also have to set a net before practice or a game. I remember being a kid and the experience was not the same when a goal had nets on and when it did not!!
  • Per the IYSA Risk assessment policy (see below), nets must come out after the soccer activity concludes


Setting and taking down one net and two flags on game day. You will be given Velcro straps or tape to secure the net to the frame as well as stakes to secure them to the ground. A hammer maybe needed to stake some of the stakes.


When coaches sign their agreement, they have read and understand the IYSA Risk Management/Goal Post Safety Policy and hereby they certify that they will assure compliance with the IYSA Goal Post Safety Policy. The policy states, “Any coach who participate in practice or a game where the goals are not securely anchored shall be fined not less than $200 and suspended for a minimum of not less than one (1) calendar year from the date of the practice or
game involved. In the event the goal is not securely anchored, I understand my entity (team, club, league, state) that has primary responsibility for the field or event upon which the unsecured goal is situated shall be fined $1,000."



For painting fields, we will do the first painting at Coleman's (to prepare for game day) on the week of March 8th.

  • SPONSOR: The good news is that our sponsor "Eagle Land Surveying" will mark the vertexes of this field and all our fields using GPS technology so that will make the initial painting process faster than usual. Then, we just continue repainting the lines every so often per the volunteer schedule.

  • 11v11 FIELD: Our field has very specific markings so please do not miss them. As said, on the first painting day, you will find the markings there, and you will just make sure you create a field like the one below (measurements may differ from chart below) using the procedure below.
  • EQUIPMENT: We provide paint, threads and the painting kart. Your coach will have it for the first group. When a previous group brings this equipment to the next group (for example at a practice), one of the people in the previous group will show the new group how to do it. It is super easy but needs to be done right so our fields look professional! See procedure right below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Note there is not a specific day scheduled within the week you have to paint. We are letting the crew of 4 volunteers per group decide when to exactly do it that very week. Each groups is from the same team for easy communication.


Note: The thread must be used so lines are straight and our field looks professional. That is why we need 3 people minimum.

(1) Two people hold the thread between two points and the third person paints.
(2) Then move the line to the next parallel line or segment. Do all vertical lines first, then the horizontal lines. It is faster.
(3) Finish with the curves/archs.
(4) Once done, one of you in the group please take all equipment with you (the kart handle can be folded -- see pic, and fits in any car's trunk) and bringing to the next set of volunteers or coach if it is a different team .

PAINTING CANS TIP: The cans must be shaken thoroughly before used until you hear clinking noises (there is a piece inside). The paint is water based but you may want to use a mask, now that we are used to. Send a text to 208-713-8924 to request more cans of paint.

Your volunteering schedule is as is and we would not be able to do any changes. However, if you want to swap your days with another volunteer you know, just send us an email indicating the change and that both of you agree at help@realsoccerclub.org.
Thanks all very very much! Without you we could not do these essential jobs so our kids can play in a field they are proud of!!

Vamos! Uno, dos y tres, Real!

Juanjo Carmona
Club Manager
To get an additional weekly session of practice, please have your kid(s) working on juggling, pick ups, dribbling, passing or fast foot work at home using the videos in our YouTube Channel.

Contact Academy Manager, Juanjo Carmona at 208-713-8924 or help@realsoccerclub.org for questions and concerns.

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