An Already Great Year Got Even Better
 December 2017
We thought keeping 460 girls in school, armed with uniforms, notebooks and solar study lights was wrapping up a banner year. Starting the first college scholarship is exciting.

This year 80 women farmers also grew peanuts for income with our support. With grants, we helped our partner CCET-SL expand their education & computer center and plant a 15 acre orchard with hundreds of fruit trees to fund children's education savings accounts.

Then, incredibly, the year continued to get even better - as you'll read below.

None of this would happen without you, Sherbro Foundation's supporters. 2017 is really the accumulation of over 4 year's work. You've stood with us, many of you for years.

We share the glow of this year's results with all of you. We can't thank you enough!

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season and many blessings in the new year.

------- Arlene Golembiewski, Executive Director

We are still reveling in the generous gift of a solar power system for our local partner CCET-SL's computer and education center.

Now the center can light the way to improving lives for young & old alike.

Local solar contractor completes installation of solar panels on the center's roof.

Guest speakers: We've never heard of a larger or more complete scholarship program anywhere in Sierra Leone.

CCET-SL's Rosaline Kaimbay (L) presents scholarship, uniform, exercise books, solar light to student with Principal Tarawallie (R).

Arlene Golembiewski received the global P&G Alumni Network's biennial Humanitarian award for her work with Sherbro Foundation Sierra Leone.

"I share this award with our remarkable Sierra Leone partner CCET-SL."

Left, Arlene accepts award from Alumni Network President, Ed Tazzia
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