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One of my most popular photographs! This gentle Guardian of Place protects the beautiful Sheldon Church ruins in Charleston, SC. The newsletter's header shows you the church; the Guardian lives in the curved tree on the left. 

Twice destroyed by war, Sheldon Church still survives in spirit and inspires its many visitors. The monk-like Guardian watches all from his nodal home at the site's entry. This image represents the graceful protection of spirit no matter what crises you may face. 

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600 Photos | 200 Articles!

This newly redesigned website is filled with photos and stories from my twenty years of nature spirit exploration. A delight to look at and a tool for understanding the culture of the nature beings' realms. Placing these finely detailed images in your home and office space help you resonantly connect to these earth partners of ours. Great on your Mobile Phone! More images continually added! 

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Join the thousands of folks around the world who are actively sharing and discussing their own nature spirit photographs.

We meet on Facebook, we have a good time...and I provide feedback on your technical questions!

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NEW Gallery Shows Different Species of Nature Beings!

Certain species of nature beings carve their living image into rocks and trees. These likenesses contain active energy that connects directly to a specific nature being. 

The likeness is their address marker and their nodal anchor point. From this point a web of energy spins out, covering their area of responsibility. The nature being is aware of all activity occurring within that web and can instantly be present to deal with any crisis.

Over the years, I've photographed many of these special beings. They include angels, elves, green people, trolls, goblins, gnomes...and more. Now I've organized the best examples into their own galleries.

Above is a goblin who lives in the Hoh Rain Forest, WA. He is quite handsome, with a magnificent sensitive goblin nose and long hair braided and tied at the back of the tree trunk.

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A Peak into the Future...Online at Infinity Foundation

Isn't Zoom great! It's done so much to create community. Wherever we are - we can still be together! I love interactive events and so...

Save Thursday November 10 and 17 for a special online Zoom interactive workshop with me, sponsored by the prestigious Infinity Foundation, Chicago. Our goal is to send you out - wherever you are in the world - with the practical knowledge you need to pursue this digital-world activity on your own. Week One we'll discuss connecting to and photographing different types of nature beings. You'll spend the week photographing on your own. You return Week Two to share your experiences, photos and questions. Registration to open in a few months.

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