September 11, 2021
A day we can never forget.

We were living in Weston, Connecticut, at the time.

Weston is a bedroom town for New York City.

Dale called me from work right after the first hit, and I turned on the television.

Our daughter was in middle school just down the road. She told us later that through the day several classmates were called out of class.

One of our friends who worked at the UN unusually missed his train that morning.

My brother-in-law working on Wall Street called me from the basement of his building.

He said when he tried to step out into the street all manner of debris was flying through the air, including office chairs. He eventually made his way to Staten Island and then from there a very long trek back to Connecticut.

Thank God.

We will never forget.

There will be no radio program today, but I look forward to connecting again next week.

God bless you all.