28 Animals Languish on Long-Term Waiting List
Can You Help Us Spay/Neuter Homeless Large Dogs?
The Olympic Peninsula Humane Society (OPHS), spays or neuters every animal that leaves the shelter and goes to a new forever home. However, population control does not end there. 
Many owned animals on the Olympic Peninsula are in need of surgery. And yet, the cost of fixing an animal through a private veterinarian can run $200 or more.

These 28 animals waiting for surgery live with low or no-income families who are having a hard time making ends meet.
Won't you help us cover the cost of these much-needed surgeries for our large, furry friends that are homeless or have no other option*?
*Some of these animals have been waiting for nearly half a year for help!

Our goal is to raise $5,000.

OPHS already helps subsidizes the cost for surgeries of privately owned animals for low or no-income families as part of our overall mission. We pay a mobile clinic over $2,000 a month to provide around 25 spay/neuters for small and medium-sized animals. However, the mobile clinic cannot accommodate large animals. And, right now, there is a backlog of 28 LARGE animals who have been waiting for an answer.

So, in this month that is National Spay/Neuter month, we are determined to get these animals cared for as well.

Therefore, OPHS is partnering with local vet clinics across Clallam County to perform these surgeries.

However, our budget can only accommodate so much. Any amount you can spare to help us in this mission is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for helping these animals in need, and their families.
OPHS Executive Director

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