29 Dogs Rescued from Neglect & Hoarding Situation
This week OPHS has been accepting Australian Shepherd/Border Collie dogs who have been roaming free for some time on their deceased owner's property. Twenty nine dogs have been captured to date. We are working with other rescue and care organizations and are in the process of assessing each dog's health and immediate needs.

All will be treated for worms, given rabies shots, microchipped, all vaccinations and spayed and neutered, along with grooming and coat treatments and any other medical attention they need.

These little ones will require lots of care , including slow and steady socialization as they are very fearful. Chances are they will be with us for some time until they are ready for a good, loving home. 

Donations are greatly welcomed to help us with this extra influx of these little ones that need us so much.

We are asking for your support to help raise $3,000.

You can help by donating here:

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Thank you.

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