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He llo,

   I have thought about reaching out to you often, and with October being ADHD Awareness month, it seemed the perfect time. 

  Let me bring you up to speed on how my practice has changed in 2019 to help you heal. First I have added Board Certification to my Traditional Naturopathy training after two years of continuing education. This helped me qualify for acceptance as a Full Member into ISEAI (International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness). As an ISEA practitioner I am positioned to help you thrive within this complex toxic environment that you live in. 

  I'm confident that much of our chronic health and cognitive struggles are a result of, but not limited to the epigenetic issues of: 
  • Infection (parasites, bacteria, worms, viruses, retroviruses)
  • Inflammation
  • Toxicity (toxicants, mycotoxins, heavy metals) 
  • Unresolved childhood Trauma (ACE's)

   ISEAI has provided me access to thought leaders in the world of EAI, and cutting edge training. I will share more in this newsletter! As a result of this education I realized that addressing limbic/neurological reset and retraining is a must for faster and longer term healing. I will share a bit about QNRT and Neurological support below.  

My practice focuses on treating Executive Functioning, ADHD, Brain Injury, Eating Disorders, and Gut Health, requiring a solid plan. This plan is like a 3 Leg Stool.
If we don't have one of the legs, the stool becomes unstable. These 3 leg's of healing are:  Neurological , Physiological and Psychological treatment. I will explore these in every newsletter, and point out where spirituality, nutrition, sleep, and relationship's all fit in.
 In future emails, I will share my #cravedetox lifestyle movement, and the return of our rebranded Crave Detox protein bars. 

Ok l et's get to it, and Be Well!
Doc Tiffany Brown-Bush
Let's talk about the Brain and the rest of the Nervous System. Does
Unresolved Trauma and chronic illness, have your neurological system stuck in Fight, Flight, Freeze? Are ACE's making it harder for your immune system to do it's job?  Learn about them here:

As a foundation to treating client's, I am strongly recommending we incorporate functional brain exam's as well as QNRT. Neurological retraining and resetting is about stabilizing the nervous system, and breaking through stress and trauma.
What is this leg of the stool?: Physical health, Nutrition, Supplementation, Herbs, Sleep, Hydration, Weight mgmt., and of course Movement and Exercise. 

Too much or too little of any of these can destabilize this leg. If we look even deeper it's where I will explore: Infection, Inflammation, Toxins, and all things EAI. Please see this video from one of my favorite EAI trailblazers Dr. Neil Nathan.  This explains the Toxins of Mold, the Infection from Lyme, and the affect on the Brain. I love working in this area with my client's and in my own personal life. Great change can follow root cause healing.


What is psychology and how do I see this aspect of the 3 legs? It's quite an important leg of the stool: Connection, Communication, CBT, Boundaries, Assertiveness, Mindfulness, Meditation, Empathy, Self Awareness, and where we consistently tap into our Higher Power.

Let's start with an awareness of unhealthy dynamics in relationship's. Do you feel like you are the Parent and your partner is the Child or vice versa? Click Here to read about Parent Child Dynamics . This is a topic that I address a with the couples that I support. It is based on the Orlov approach to managing ADHD in relationships. 

Another challenge that I observe in relationships, especially in the Neuro-divergent communities of ADHD, ASD, and the  Learning Disabled is RSD. Take a peak here, to find out what this is, could it be a part of your dynamic? Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria explained. 
If you are interested in ADHD and Emotional Dysregulation presented in a fun way, check it out: Video.
Fun Stuff Spotlight 
It's time to talk about brain support and brain food! Many of my Brain Coaching and Therapy client's working to increase their dopamine and receptors must utilize a supplement. One of my faves is Dopaplus. Please understand that I make this recommendation based on evaluations. When I do, it can make a huge difference in neurological functioning, attention, regulation etc. 
Vaping of Nicotine and THZ are major toxic issues right now, particularly with teens. When withdrawing from vaping/ juuling, Dopamine support will make a dramatic difference in resolving this addiction.

 I have recently partnered with Xymogen, because they have an amazing array of Functional Neurological support products, and are highly
recommended in the community.  
This is quickly becoming one of my faves with children struggling to overcome neurological challenges.  
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