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January 30, 2020
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The Flute of Shame

Since humanity has had music, we've also had bad music.

Bad music can come from only one source: bad musicians. Despite such personal technologies of relatively recent invention as noise-canceling headphones, bad music remains nigh unavoidable in the modern world, issuing as it constantly does from the sound systems installed in grocery stores, gyms, passing automobiles, and so on.

Against the bad musicians responsible we have less recourse than ever, or at least less than medieval Europeans did. They had  the "shame flute," a non-musical instrument used to punish crimes against the art.

The contraption, which is essentially a heavy iron flute - although you probably wouldn't want to play it - was shackled to the musician's neck. The musician's fingers were then clamped to the keys, to give the impression they were playing the instrument.

Finally, just to further their humiliation, they were forced to wear the flute while being paraded around town, so the public could throw rotten food and vegetables at them.

Surely the mere prospect of such a fate made many music-minded children of the olden days think twice about slacking on their practice sessions!

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Normally we wouldn't report on a new, individual feature, but this one certainly piqued our interest. The crux of it is, rather than a single bevel, Furch guitars fitted with the Bevel Duo have two - one in front, at the forearm and one in the rear, at the rib position. The Bevel Duo was first featured on the Rainbow Gc-CC Grand Auditorium cutaway - made exclusively for the Women of Fingerstyle Guitar concert - and will come standard on all new Red Deluxe models.  
Bass seems to have always been at the forefront of Jackson's music, whether it came from studio savants in Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New York, or his landmark use of synth bass that remains in vogue to this day. Bass was the most important instrument to him. He'd make references to Paul McCartney's melodic playing with the Beatles, James Jamerson being upfront and center with Motown, or Stevie Wonder's left hand.
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"Steppin' Out" is one of Eric Clapton's best-known John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers tracks, and with good reason. Along with "Hideaway," it delivers the heftiest dose of Clapton's solid, mind-blowing tone and ferocious playing. This upbeat, straightforward blues instrumental in G finds him borrowing bits and pieces from Memphis Slim's original 1959 version.
John Coltrane's musical career only spans 12 years between 1955 and 1967. Despite his short-lived career, John Coltrane was one of the most influential improvisers in jazz and there is a lot to be learned from his musical legacy, also by guitarists. In this lesson, you will learn some classic John Coltrane licks, as well as some typical chord substitutions over a blues.
So, why the 'delay'? According to Robert Keeley himself, though the long-awaited, highly-anticipated pedal eclipsed his "wildest dreams," he needed "some more time to finish a couple sounds and features I want included in the product. It has to be perfect. I know you and all other guitar players will be amazed at what a musical instrument it is."
Metallica's James Hetfield, the man himself, sat down with us at Guitar Center in San Francisco. In the small room, he shared stories about becoming a musician, rising to fame, and even played a bit. All the while, customers continued to shop in the store, having no idea it was James playing. < https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Hetfield>  

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