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November 1, 2019
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In the 17th century the guitar was "cultivated by players and composers within the courts of princes and kings." The Baroque guitar was very much like the modern six string that we know today,

Aside from a difference of tuning the modern guitar is a baritone/tenor... the baroque is an alto instrument, about the size of a viola.

The differences in size and pitch change the sustain and articulation. The Baroque guitar's tonal characteristics are much more delicate, percussive, and lute-like. The greatest music for baroque guitar is difficult to render adequately on the modern guitar because the traditions of the two instruments have diverged so widely:

They speak basically the same language, but with a different vocabulary and accent. Early Renaissance guitars had what is called a "four course" string arrangement, with eight doubled strings. The baroque guitar added one more for a "five course" instrument with nine strings.

Like its Renaissance forebear, lutes, and modern twelve-string guitars today, four of those "courses" were doubled, with pairs of strings tuned to the same note. This essentially made it a five string guitar with the ringing sonority of a mandolin. The tuning was fairly close to a modern six-string, but one octave up and missing the low E. The lone high E string was called the chanterelle or "singing string."

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As you might imagine, the contents of Mustaine's collection are remarkable. Even just the highlights from the guitar category alone - among them a Dean Dave Mustaine Signature "Holy Grail" V (#1 of 33), a Dean Dave Mustaine Signature Zero Korina (#10 of 50) and a signed 2007 Dean Dave Mustaine Signature Silver V Prototype - are enough to raise the eyebrows of even the most seasoned collector.      

Constructed using locally sourced timber, the Tiuz is attention-grabbing from the off, thanks to its good looks and several interesting features. The satin-finished body, in a Frozen Sky finish, stands out courtesy of the timber grain of the figured maple top, sitting on top of a chestnut body core and flame maple rear facing with black oak veneers running around the body edge. 
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Tone Note Music Method for Guitar is the prequel to Guitar EncycloMedia.It is written for the guitarist who has been playing for a little while, but is confused by traditional guitar methods. Tone Note Music Method for Guitar provides the perfect solution to this problem by presenting music in a way that is simple and clear, easily applied, and does not require the reading of staff notes or TAB. Tone Note Music Method for Guitar cleans the slate so you can discover what you need to know, when you need to know it!      
Tone Note Music Method for Bass  
is 3 books in one volume. A Method Book contains the core material. The Rhythm Book presents the rhythms of the method book in a progressive manner. The Song Book shows the melody and harmony of 34 songs. Tone Note Music Method for Bass presents it's material in a gradual connect-the-dots fashion. This allows a more realistic learning pace and gives the time needed to develop technique. Also included is a FREE online 12 Tone Music Player that allows you to play-along.

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Veteran Chicago roots guitarist Joel Paterson has released Let It Be Guitar! Joel Paterson Plays The Beatles, a beautiful album of jazz and rockabilly-inflected instrumentals. With the recent 50th anniversary of the Fab Four's legendary rooftop concert, Joel thought that he would give his own rooftop performance. Check out the end result stirring performances of "And I Love Her" and "All My Loving."        
Joe Walsh Teaches Slide

Did you know that Joe Walsh knew Duane Allman? Did you know Duane Allman taught Joe his method of playing slide guitar? For that matter, did you know that Joe Walsh and Duane Allman share a birthday? It's November 20. "I had the opportunity to play some concerts where the Allman Brothers were on the same show, and I got to sit down with Duane," Walsh explains. "And he showed me how to play slide guitar."

Tech 21 has unveiled the Steve Harris Signature SH1 SansAmp, which packs the Iron Maiden bassist's legendary tone into one small pedalboard-friendly unit. The SH1 can be used with a bass amp as a preamp or as a stompbox. Alternatively, you can run it into a power amp via a 1/4-inch connector or XLR and use the SH1 to adjust your stage volume, or, if recording, you can plug it directly into the mixer/recorder.
Guitarist Samantha Fish has been a roadhouse blues-rock virtuoso, a hill country Americana chanteuse and a Detroit-soul torch singer, all in the span of a mere eight years. On Kill or Be Kind (Rounder), her new album and sixth overall, Fish masterfully streamlines everything that has made her a compelling artist to date. Her gift for melody and phrasing take center stage on a strong collection of 11 original songs adorned with subtle horns and keys and full of her impassioned guitar playing.  
Order Tone Note Music Method for Guitar or Bass
now through November 8, 2019 to receive 20% OFF!
Only available from the 12 Tone Music store.
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