November 24, 2020
A note to my work friends and family,

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to stop and show gratitude for all the relationships and past experiences we have shared. It is also about intentional future plans for which we can safely look forward to, when time permits!

Although this year has certainly been filled with unprecedented challenges for everyone, the hard times have brought to light many every-day blessings that we sometimes take for granted.

When I founded Regal Restoration, it was with a commitment to cultivating long-lasting relationships, with both team members and business-to-business clients – many of which are now considered close friends and/or family.

If you’re reading this newsletter, I consider you to be among that circle.

Throughout this pandemic that’s turned our world upside down, in-person interactions have been limited. You all know, I am a “hug and kiss on the cheek” kind of guy … let’s just say, for a person like myself who thrives on those connections, it’s been quite an adjustment!

What I miss most, reflecting on these past several months of quarantine, is the face-to-face connection that can’t always come from a Zoom meeting, stream of text messages or a phone call.

This Thanksgiving, I am incredibly grateful for the relationships that we have cultivated together throughout the past nine years. Although we interact under professional circumstances, I value each and every one of you on a personal level and look forward to the future, where we can once again be face to face, laughing and creating long-lasting memories together!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season filled with happiness and cherished memories.

Please be SAFE!

With love,

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