A Summer of Change
Embracing. Adapting. Evolving.
Our way of life has never before been challenged so thoroughly and so quickly to adjust. Almost overnight, the physicality of our interactions disappeared and new ways had to be found to stay connected to one another and for interactions to continue.

Businesses, schools, and personal lives have had dramatic alterations to previous norms, as has home life and familial interactions.

We, too, have felt the impact in our personal lives, our working relationships, and in the physical separation between us as instructors and those we serve. The distance between a thin screen previously would not have felt so immense, but without the ability to touch, to prompt and to share physical space, we have been significantly challenged to make our interactions more than "screen chats". Our students have pushed us to innovate, to create, and to deliver "more" so that they may have a richer experience in their interactions with us.
We are excited to share with you the digital transformation of the Legacy Center and our new on-line platform: the L.C.O. (Legacy Center Online). Using technology to bridge the physical gap, we've streamline the on-line experience so that all material is in a single location. Instructor, student, and support partner will find everything they need in one convenient location and our cross-platform integration means students have multiple opportunities and ways to interact with our content. We think it is a new and exciting way to approach learning and teaching for our diverse community.

We welcome your on-line comments or feedback by email. We hope you enjoy this peek at what we have been up to in our new "on-line lives" and what we have to offer this summer.
Summer Camp in a New Way
Our new digital platform enables us to offer families and youth/young adults a two-day, 3-hour camp experience either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.

We've evolve all aspects of our in-person summer camp to virtual delivery, promising a rich and interactive experience with each participant. Space is limited to keep our groups person centered and intimate. Camp will run for 4 weeks and begins the week of July 5, 2020.

Camp application link below.
Blessings in Stay-at-Home Lifestyle

Many parents have shared that their perspective of their child/young adult has changed because of the amount and level of interaction they are sharing during these stay-at-home months, especially as they participate in on-line educational and social events, such as our Friday MUSE meetups.

While we understand the level of support that parents have had to take on, we also hope that there is shared enjoyment in the discovery of new facets of each other, whether it be around learning, activities, or enlarging your circles of communication verbally or via typing/spelling.

We've also heard that learners are growing in focus and level of interest as they participate in on-line interactions. They are more present, less anxious, and increasingly confident in participating in discussions when engaged with meaningful and interesting content. Our new virtual lifestyle seems to have fostered a new sense-of-self in many of our participants. It gives us pause to consider that perhaps this new on-line way of interaction makes us feel more similar than not and offers some hidden blessings for our diverse community.

Mom's Support Group
Just Between Us is a no-cost group for mothers of children and young adults with disabilities. Our in-person gatherings have moved on-line. This is a great opportunity for moms to slow down and connect with others who understand their stories, and a safe place to share and listen... or just be. W e hope you will take some time out for yourself and join us.
Heartfelt Thanks
You might remember our participation in the May #CharityGiving GoFundMe event. We want to thank everyone for helping us to meet (and exceed) our goal! Because of your generosity and giving, we have been able to launch our on-line platform; a great testament to what we can do together for our community!

Heartfelt thanks from all of the LC leadership team for your support and belief in our mission and vision to bring a greater depth and breadth of programs to our diverse learners, especially now that we cannot meet in-person.

We encourage everyone to continue to practice social distancing and safe practices and look forward to the time when we can re-open the Legacy Center and be physically together again.

Wishing everyone a great summer. Be well, be safe, and stay healthy.💜💜💜
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