We never know how our gestures of kindness or concern or connecting with old friends might impact someone else. Even a smile to a stranger can change the trajectory of someone else's day. Sometimes a phone call or an e-mail or a text message to a friend can lift someone's mood significantly or ease their anxiety as they are reminded that they aren't in this life alone...that someone else is thinking of them and cares about how their life is going. We never know how far a simple compliment might go or what a literal pat on the back might do. And the handwritten note (which is almost extinct now) is the piece de resistance in terms of heartsoothing gestures. We aren't responsible for how these gestures are received. We're just responsible for making them. The person we reach out to and God alone will take care of the impact of the gesture. We can only do so much. We aren't responsible for the rest, but we are responsible for making the gesture, for reaching out to others...for planting the seeds of reassurance, and care and goodwill....for such is the Kingdom of God!
Rev. Liz Tomlinson