PSA: It's PSL season!
Hello Publications and Media Community!

Hope you've had a wonderful first few weeks of school! This issue is filled with action-required content, so please read through and engage with us. We also have events that y'all should mark your calendars for, and great opportunities to take advantage of.
*** Action Required***
Advisory Board Application
The Publications and Media Advisory Board is a community forum for the pubs/med groups on campus to manage ASUC resources dedicated to this community (including funds and space), and to act as a formal advisor to the PMC. 

The Board advises the PMC on how to support the community‚Äôs needs, and also acts as an advocate for the needs of the community in dialogue with the ASUC, ASUC Student Union, and with the University as a whole. 

Apply here! 
Beginning of the Semester Survey

The Publications and Media Center is always aiming to strengthen the publications and media community on campus by offering support and resources to registered student organizations. 

We are committed to helping students grow and develop as leaders, editors, writers, filmmakers, journalists, photographers, designers and content creators.

Please fill out this survey so that we may better serve the student organizations in the publications and media community.

Want us to publicize an event for you?
Fill out this form whenever your org has an event and we'll publicize it with you! Save the URL for any future events your org may have. 
Mark Your Calendars!

Reservable Office Space???

Yes! You and your org can reserve our designated office space to hold meetings of 4-5 persons. Our office is in  Eshleman Hall, cubicle 82. You can also visit us during our office hours if you need any assistance or just want to hang out.

Click here to check the availabilities of the office space!
Hearst Gym Cage Access
Cage access is only available on Tues. and Thurs. 3-4PM. Please set up an appointment by emailing Ruben Rodriguez at

If you do not already use our cages for storage and would like to, the form on our website.
PMC Office Space and Calendar
The PMC has a new office that you can use! It's in 312 Eshleman Hall, office 82. If you want to use it for meetings or a work space, email us at To see our staff's office hours, refer to the calendar at the bottom of our website's home page.
New Resources
The PMC is always updating our resources page to bring you resources relevant to your P&M orgs. Check out our new updates! 
Are you in a publishing organization? Ever wonder if you are getting a good deal from publishers? Want to compare publishers side by side? Check out our Printing and Publishing resources for all of your publication needs!
Publications & Media Center
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