Volume 8 Issue 8 | September 11, 2020
Currently, the State of Illinois classifies ice hockey as a "Higher Risk" sport. According to the Illinois classification, Higher Risk sports allow for no-contact practices and training only. The All Sports Policy may be found by clicking here.

AHAI Affiliate Organizations and leagues are accountable to governmental authorities and AHAI expects all its members to strictly adhere to federal, state, and local government and departments of health policies, including local rink rules, for best practices on COVID-19 health and prevention. These policies include, but are not limited to, the All Sports Policy, Youth Sports Guidance, and Indoor/Outdoor Recreation Facilities Guidance from the State of Illinois. AHAI realizes that the policies can (and may very well) change at some point in the future.

Each AHAI organization is responsible for awareness of the most current policies. As players and ice hockey participants return to the ice, and in hopeful anticipation that scrimmages and/or games will occur soon, AHAI released the 2020/2021 Hockey Registry to all AHAI Affiliate organizations. Similar to prior years, rosters that comply with the AHAI/USAH Rules and Regulations will be certified.

The issuance of a team roster does NOT permit an AHAI/USA Hockey rostered team to participate in any games or scrimmages (in state or out of state) nor does it permit an AHAI sanctioned league to conduct games or scrimmages. AHAI will not sanction any in-state tournaments at this time.

A violation of AHAI rules, including all in state Illinois Game play, regulations, bylaws, policies, or procedures may be referred to the appropriate disciplinary AHAI committee for further action. A determination by the AHAI committee that an organization, team or league violated any AHAI rule, regulation, bylaw, policy or procedure may result in disciplinary measures including, but not limited to, coaching suspension, team staff suspension, decertification of a team or league, and elimination of eligibility to participate in the AHAI State Tournament.

AHAI is not recommending Associations/Clubs or teams travel outside the state of Illinois.

However, AHAI is suspending the travel permit rule 7.0 until further notice.

If teams or participants travel out of Illinois, they would be subject to any applicable State of Illinois quarantine requirements and may be subject to penalties by the State of Illinois if it determines that such travel violated the current health regulations. Currently, AHAI does not intend to take disciplinary action for participating in sanctioned activities in another Affiliate unless the State of Illinois issues a clearer directive on the subject.

Each Affiliate/Club bears the sole responsibility for any consequences of out of state play, including but not limited to any legal action that may be taken by any governmental body, league, affiliate, or any individual.

Each AHAI Affiliate/Club should prepare its own plan, in conjunction with its local rinks, for returning players to the ice. AHAI does not operate ice rinks or affiliates nor does it determine when, and how, it is appropriate to return to the rinks. AHAI has no role in determining such actions.

Working collaboratively, and in compliance with the policies discussed above, may increase the opportunity to reevaluate the current classification of ice hockey. Conversely, creating an environment which could lead to further exposure and incidence of COVID-19 infection may move the community further back from its intended goals. We are all in this together!

AHAI will release additional information as it becomes available.

Stay well.

AHAI Board of Directors
Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame Seeking Nominations for Class of 2020
Illinois hockey has a very long and rich hockey history, in large part due to the tireless dedication and commitment of individuals who have helped make sure every individual who has had a desire to participate in this great sport has had the opportunity to do so. The Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding players, organizers, coaches, managers, supporters, and officials.

Please click here for Nomination Qualifications & Procedures. If you know of someone who you believe should be a candidate to enter the Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame Class of 2020, you are encouraged to click here for Nomination Form; please submit all assisting documentation by October 1, 2020. Click here  to view a list of past IHHF Inductees. The 2020 IHHF Induction Dinner will be held in their honor on Sunday, January 31, 2021 at the Belvedere Banquet Hall in Elk Grove Village beginning at 5:00 pm. Tickets are available by contacting Norm Spiegel at 847.269.2922 or jacole@comcast.net.
COVID-19: USA Hockey Insurance Update
By Don Allord, Central District Risk Manager - COVID-19 and any illness are excluded from the USA Hockey insurance. The insurer will not pay claims or defense costs resulting from illness. Volunteer boards can refer to the Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 to determine if they need coverage. While the act protects volunteers from liability, it does not cover defense costs. 

Please click here to read Don Allord's article, "Certificates of Insurance and Insurance Coverages."
Just Make It Happen... Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey Continues to Lead
By Michael Svac, USA Hockey Central District Disabled Hockey Rep.How do you keep 170 special needs hockey players active during the COVID-19 pandemic? You bring them all together from the safety of their home and "just make it happen." And one of the Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey Jr. Coaches did just that.

Using what has now become the new normal for meetings and family gatherings, Michael Seisser incorporated his love for hockey and his passion for helping others by developing a weekly Zoom program that connects the Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey (CBSH) players for an intense workout and an opportunity to socialize. READ MORE>>
Evanston's Campbell Wagener: A 4-year Varsity Athlete in Both Hockey, Golf
By Ross Forman - Campbell Wagener was a freshman, playing in his first home game for Evanston Township High School. "I had never seen so many people in the rink at one time, and the crowds only got better as the season went on," he remembers. Then as a junior this past season, he represented ETHS in the annual All-State Game, played in Bensenville.

Now the offensive-minded defenseman is ready for his senior season and though the past six months have been nothing short of unpredictable, Wagener is more than ready to shine brighter than ever. "I used the quarantine period to work a lot on strength and conditioning - for hockey and golf. I was running team Zoom workouts three times a week, keeping people in shape but also allowing everyone to interact and socialize," he said. READ MORE>>
Register Today for a Virtual CEP Clinic!
As we have stressed several times, USA Hockey is hosting many Virtual CEP Clinics at all levels. Below is a snapshot of clinics that currently have openings. Take advantage these openings and click here to register! We are working with the Central District to schedule several additional CEP Clinics at multiple levels. We will announce those dates once they are finalized.

The Illinois Hockey Officials' Association (IHOA) is pleased to announce the release of its officiating seminars for the coming season. If you are unsure of the requirements, please go to www.ihoa.com for the details. Registration is ongoing. VIEW SCHEDULE>>
QUESTION: Just prior to the puck being received by an attacking player, the defensive player chops down on top of the stick and prevents him from being able to play the puck. Should this be penalized under the Standard of Play guidelines? Does it make any difference as to the angle of the stick blade when done? ANSWER>>

QUESTION: What degree of force is necessary for either a hooking or slashing penalty to be assessed under the Standard of Play guidelines? ANSWER>>
A Step aHead Registration is Now Open!
The A Step aHead partners are excited to announce the 10th year of our program! We are proud of the work that has been done to educate our youth hockey community about sports safety and provide free baseline neurocognitive testing. We look forward to another 10 years of working to keep our athletes safe while they play the game they love.

This year the free baseline testing will be offered through November 30, 2020. We will continue to offer the testing at select Athletico clinics. REGISTER NOW>> 

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